This is my 2nd grow ever, I started these on 7/15


The one big plant in the middle is from a seed I found when I grew big bud autos last grow and the rest are all regular pineapple crush seeds, I did an experiment and put all the seeds that I thought were female in the round pots and all the ones I thought were males in the square pots, this will be my first time sexing them . How far along do the plants have to be for me to sex them?


I am having a huge problem with keeping my shed below 75°😢, last grow I would leave the window open four to five inches to get outside air but that isn’t going to work this time if I want to keep the temp below 75° so am going to take a ride to the local grow shop and try and find an alternative way to get the CO2 so I can keep the window closed


Ive seen a few people flip the lights to 12/12 at as young as a month.Most around 2. Some people 4-5 months. Once she is big enough to preferably grow flowers then you can flip. Also ive heard of people revegging them after by upping the hours back from 12/12 to 18/6 or 24 straight sometimes. And the temperature thing… adding co2 doesnt drop temp. It helps plants live better at higher temps.


Did you use the chart that shows the holes in the seeds to determine sex? I’ve heard mixed reviews on this method so I’m definitely watching. :nerd_face:


Yes, that’s exactly what I saw lol but I transplanted them into bigger pots today and after looking more closely I dont think it worked at all lol, I will update when I find out for sure, its not looking good though :crazy_face:



Oh yeah baby!! Check out the flower on that Big Bud Auto :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, I found four seeds in the six ounces I got out of my last grow (4 Big Bud Autos) 3 didn’t grow but one did and its flowering, the rest are all regular pineapple crush plants so I am looking forward to sexing them so I can make some room lol


I figured out why it was so hot in the grow shed, I moved my AC hose and put it into the floor but there wasn’t enough space under the shed so I dug out a hole and now its working as it should, it’s a cool 75° in there now😁


Congrats man. Had us worried! Let the buddery continue.