This is gonna sound stupid

Im on exactly week 10 with my nysd i have been flushing for over a week now. Most of the pistols have been browned for a while now . I was seeing lots of amber tricomes last week. I noticed im getting a pile of white pistol things coming out… heres some pics . I have a few circled. I don’t want to chop to soon if they are not ready i think its a 10 to 12 week.

Check trichomes on the bud material not the tiny sugar leaves coming out of buds as those turn amber sooner.

Also when they say its 10 weeks, that’s 10 week estimate in flowering only so you dont count the weeks before it started flower


Thanks a bunch any info is appreciated…

One thing that happens late in flower with high intensity lights is a tendency to throw foxtails which appears to be what is happening.

Samples should be from calyx and not leaves like stated.

Pretty plant!

I haven’t had that with my other strains . This is the first full length flower iv done with these lights also. I used cheap blurple Amazon lights before. Thanks for tips on where to get my tricome pics… that makes sence now.

In my experience, you count the weeks starting from when you flip to 12/12.

A question here on this, as I am trying to figure out whether to harvest or not. Do I count pre-flowring in this suggested time frame of particular strain? I noted in my journal that I flipped on 6/21 and then ‘officially’ flowering on 7/1. I was looking at the pre-flowers and determined this from the pistils. The reason this is important is that I may well be in week 9 on my Wedding Cake and Grape Ape rather than week 8. And it may not seem like a big deal but kinda is for the plants at this point. I had to harvest one last week due to spots of WPM and did not want it to spread. It is a mind clearer but not a huge high if any.