This is going to be a long grow i believe

First time with hydroponics. Used ff. Gb from trio. Found out it was wong bottle switched over completly to gen hydro. Last night hopenit helps. Ph and all my numbers. Are. Good. Temp humidity ect. Using tap water thats at 135ppm. Would you add cal mag. Its in a 3 gal reservoir. Thanks in advance. Any advice appreciated. The one in the middle. This is 9 hours diffence since nute swap

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I believe you want your pH closer to 5.8 for hydro. 7.5 is too high even for soil. I don’t really know anything about hydro, but I’m sure others will chime in soon.


General hydroponics auto drops pH. I’m betting his reservoir is much lower… I’m just guessing or his plant probably be having a hell of a lot more problems.
I also grow in soil soo what do I know other than the nute line :thinking::thinking:

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Possible ph issues. Hey that be sweet. Easy fix. Ill go check it one more gain make sure. Sorry i wasnr clear last lost. My tap wated is 7.5. Before i add anything and final reading is from the resiviour. Dead at 6.0 ph. Ill give it a few days in new. Nutes. I think that ff gb. For soil. May have done some harm. Seen it had the wrong type of nitrogen. And def looks like it could be a nitrogen issue. Its moving theouhh the plant. So its mobile. Started at bottom