This ? Is for the guys who have been there done that

So…if fimming in veg causes the plant to react
with bushing and increased growth. Has anyone
tried fimming in early flower? I’ll put the joint down

Im sure quite a few people continue topping/training/heavy defoliation first or second week into flowering.

After that point, she wont regrow what you removed and you lose potential main cola locations which will seriously hurt yield.

Likewise with the VERY early flower manipulation. If you are off by a couple of days, what you removed wont completely have time to regrow and it could be detrimental.

How far into flower are u thinking?


I just flipped 7days ago. Just didn’t know if canabis was like a tree or shrub being when they are damaged they flow saps and tars to assecially stop bleeding


They do seem to bulk up the area that is damaged, also weed’s defense is THC (as deers and other animals dont seem to like the ‘high’ from unprocessed THC) And Ive noticed a real relationship between cropped to death branch’s colas and unmanipulated ones. The cropped branches are always sturdier, more colorful, and stickier.


PurpNGold74 let me ask you this. Have you ever seen/heard of splitting a plant keeping half in veg and other half in flower?

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Wait what?

Ok so topping half the plant to clone and veg half then flower the other half?

Cropping the pants off your plant horizontally then walling off half and 12/12’n part while 18/6’n the other?

Maybe even putting a Kabob Skew thru the main stem in veg then putting another in a few days before harvest?

Or literally flowering the top while vegging the bottom?

Im intrigued as hell

You could do top and bottom i was saying left and right. Would be difficult to separate. Just wondering what would happen?

Would the veg half super charge the flower. Or would the flower side win because of reproduction.

Just for :poop: n giggles… how would you go about trying it?

Im not sure she would respond happily at all to multiple areas in diff stages. Could just flower the whole thing, n light leaks lead to nanners everywhere. Could register the lighted half n veg indefinitely.

Nice thought experiment tho


I’m with @PurpNGold74 he had you cover

If you want to just try with one plant and see what happened
Growers defoliate, trimming, lollipoping etc
From week 2 to week 7 of flowering

Sorry almost forgot just 1x week if is auto
On photos i think you can deal with the stress