This is Durban Poison. Is it ready to harvest? Thank you


Can’t really tell from the picture but looks as if you still have a while to go

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I am just learning myself but your trichs still look cloudy…wait until the trichs on the bud to turn amber. One of my girls has started to amber up on the leaves but buds are still cloudy.
Correct me if I’m giving bad info, I have learned a ton from y’all.


Buds should fatten up a bit more than that but you could cut the tops of the plants and leave the bottoms a couple more weeks.

How long have they been in flower. To me you have a long ways to go. I would not cut the tops off either. They are just not that mature yet.


I agree, this plant still has plenty of time left.


Here you go @Hawaiihigh . Read this and it should give you what you need. Check out all of the guides.

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Long ways to go still… :grin::wink:


Looks like you got a ways to go. If you use a jewelers loupe or microscope to get a better idea of what the trichomes look like up close. @Hawaiihigh
Thanks for the tag @NavyVet420

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Two weeks or so??

I have a jewelers loop. I find it like the old pictures we would stare at and finally view the picture in focus!
I thinking two more weeks but wanted to check. Think it’s ok to start cutting a few of the larger leaves. No fertilizer for past week and will not give anymore ( made that mistake before). Knowing when to harvest is the hardest for me.

I must say the plants are absolutely beautiful. It’s the smell. They smell like a honeysuckle from childhood. So excited to try these!

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Sure you could start removing leaves. I would wait one more week possibly, and check trichomes. You want make sure she’s finishing on time. They finish when they want to. Being sativa dominant, it’s a possibility she could go longer. @Hawaiihigh

I wouldn’t be surprised if that has a month to go. Don’t jump the gun. Be patient, you will not regret it.

Look at my ladies!


Harvest the lot now and turn it in to cannabis oil!