This is all the root that has been exposed

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hello…so These 3 seeds have been soaking per your direction in perfectly temped and pH for 9 days as of today. This is all the root that has been exposed…I feel that is a very long time to get such minimal result…or am I wrong? Feel free to Express your thoughts please…thank you

Those should have gone into soil or media five days ago! Get them into dirt ASAP.


Plant those ASAP!!!


Jinx again! Lol


Tag! You’re it! hahaha.


Yeah! Plant those right away. Good luck enjoy your grow. When that taproots shows they should go into soil. You’ll be fine. Just listen to the other members they know more than me.

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Yes you are only supposed to soak seed until it sinks to the bottom of the glass . Then you take seed and put it in a damp paper towel until you get a tap root like what you have, then plant. Get that into its final home asap and it may be ok


Talk about overwatered lol. Should b fine just watch for root rot

Thanks to you all…The first seeds I soaked never even popped…so I was told it could take more than a few days…will certainly correct the issues…thanks again!!

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