This is a very serious inquiry

I’ve been looking to buy some new seeds, I live in Michigan and gave bought seeds from 420gastbuds in europe, through a 3rd party seller called the “seed seller”, anyways I know they were authentic cuz they came with the scratch off barcode and I went to the site and verified my seeds or whatever it’s called, but, I’m honestly not happy with 420fastbuds fem autos, and I see ppl daily on here saying something about either seeds not germing or not coming, or this or that, and I don’t have money to be taking what seems to me like a gamble, NOT saying anything bad about ILGM, just saying I need a solid source for good quality seeds that ships to the US any direction, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks

You probably had seen this from new buyers, if you never bought seed before it’s pretty nerve Wreaking, and it does take a while the communication not the fastest, but you’ll get them

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@Randy_Marsh From here?

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Yes sir, that set right there is the heavy hitter pack , I would recommend gorilla glue and white widow due to being extremely easy to gro so a great seed to start with


I use graybeard i pay with a cc and they have shipped the same day except once but quickly emailed that they were doing inventory. My brother and a couple friends are using new420guyseeds and they like the service they receive i just haven’t used em yet


I can say I’ve spent a LOT of $ with ilgm, had a small hick up that was fixed in less than 72 hrs, may had perfect timing whatever but they have never ever let me down, seeds germ an arrived an I’m in the south, I’ll fully trust em without a second thought, always chose to send in option with in 2 weeks I got mail. Just my 2 pennies


What about yeilds in those? Or wait I’ll look em up, I want some high THC strains, I’ll wait and see what ppl say

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It’s definitely good idea to have some other legit banks for more variety and just in case things change , will wait for other advise

Yeah I heard dutch passion too, anyone familiar, I talk to a guy who owns a grow supply store in Canada on the THCfarmer forum and he says dutch passion is the ticket :ticket::tickets:

@MeEasy where is greybeard located?

I read about them when I started research, but got mine with from Ilgm

Just outside of Tulsa Ok. I have been getting my package in like 7 business days so as long as I order before Thurs I get em the next week

@MeEasy I’m on there site now

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@MeEasy what are their fastbuds?

@MeEasy oh shit nevermind they are selling 420fastbyfs 3rd party too

I have used ILGM for my seeds and have not any issues. In fact they replaced seeds for me as stated. If your in Michigan, there are seed sellers located in the state. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

I’m from Michigan, have ordered from ILGM at least a half dozen times. I’m so patient I send a check to pay for them. Once they get the check it’s only a matter of 5-10 days to get the order. Never had a problem.


Gotta understand that those are maximum yields on the plant , it’s up to the farmer to bring those yield out

I think I may try this greybeard it’s decent prices and comes in a week, I’ll order a couple from them and still look elsewhere I think I may even order a few here too, just to see


That’s great , as long as we help you getting your grow going