This is a update on my autoflowers

This is a update on them now they are 4 weeks old since that last time I talked to y’all. When should I feed them since I am using fox farm ocean forest and how much should I feed them.

1 northern light auto
2 strawberry cheesecake auto
3 super Og Kush auto
4 (L) strawberry cheesecake auto ® Blue Dream auto

This was before I flush them and started using only ph water


The plant itself will begin to show signs of needing food.
I see you have another thread about these plants. It really helps us out if you stick to the same thread instead of starting new ones. That way we can see the overall progress and make better suggestions.
You can find your older threads by clicking your personal icon and then “Activity”

Okay thank you. So what will the sign be if they do need food? How much should I give them?

If I do low stress train them how long do I do it for? Which will be the best soil for photoperiod seeds?

This is an area where understanding is better than some kind of rigid rules.
Start by carefully reading this…in fact read it a few times slowly…
You have to think about it kind of like a animal vet works. His patient cant talk but he carefully considers the symptoms. One symptom might have several probable causes and he may treat the most common one first. After seeing if it helps or not then he proceeds.
Always apply the “Less is Better” to your grow.
And search the grow guides for reliable info.
If you get stumped just ask. Or if ya want to show off post a pic. We love pictures…

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The deep green of your plants suggests there is a little excess nitrogen. Probably still good for a little bit.

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