This is a pH question

This is a pH question… I water my plant this morning and still wasn’t sure if I got the pH right. I ordered a pH up in pH down kit at which I thought I was going to get later. My plant needed water Real bad so I did the best I could with the test I had. My pH up to mph down kit came today and my question is since the soil is wet already but I still need to get the pH dad on what can I do? Should I flush the soil with regular water get the pH right and then water again I’m a bit confused. Any help would be highly appreciated thanks

flush the soil with ph,d water

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This is what I did
The kit came today and it was for hydroponics. I tested my water solution with a little bloom…got it right then watered the plant…Then it dawned on me to flush first then collect the run off. So I did and got that right and watered it. I almost made the mistake of using the solution with out checking the runoff first. Your right I’m getting smarter…Thanks partner for helping me out! Did I do it right?