This is a male isn’t it

Can someone verify if this is a male?

I’m as certain as I can be that it’s a male. Is that a clone?

No it was from seed. it surprised me still. I could have swore it was female until just saw that.

How about these 2? God I am losing it.

The second picture (3rd in thread) looks like it might have a few stigmas, so hopefully it’s female. Can’t be sure yet about those two.


What’s strange to me is the asymmetrical nodes. Where are the seeds from?


Green point seeds

Unauthorized link

It’s the cake and chem

That’s a boy for sure

@Kcgrow. The first pic here is a def male hope this will help u to figure out urs

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Thanks guys. I was wondering if I froze the sacs could I use them at a later time if I wanted to cross breed?