This is a big one...How much Miracle Grow blue powder mix per gallon

It might be hard to find anyone agreeing on any one specific NPK ratio for cannabis. However, regardless of veg or flower, the 18-18-21 is kind of close. The point is, that maybe you guys are missing in the other various sources you are reading, in general the whole grow, most of the nutrients should all be present, fairly equally. 7-7-7, or 18-18-21, might both be something you might find some people saying you can use the entire grow with decent results. 18-18-21, at 1/3 strength is 6-6-7. Yes, extra nitrogen is needed during aggressive vegetative growth, during the transition to flower and the first couple weeks of flower you can increase the phosphorous and during the middle and towards the end of flower you increase the potassium.

I seem to add a little all purpose miracle grow everytime I water, even though my soil is supposedly pre fertilized, supposedly. I suppose 1/2 tsp to 3/4 tsp, per gallon of water also brings my ph up properly, and so far my plants have had a huge growth spurt. I seem to be watering every two to three days, maybe less now that I just trimmed all the plants, cloned the best ones a lot.
I have the grow booster sets, I am gonna study how to properly use it, on plants that have fully recovered from damage, or the several that were never really damaged much at all.

Sounds okay Bud ā€¦ Iā€™m waiting for mine to get big enough to feed them. I had to dust them with DE yesterday and hoping that helps. I am so damn impatient ā€¦ I want them to grow up NOW. :stuck_out_tongue:
Do you have some pictures you can post?

Okay, here are some pics, in a small grow tent, Iā€™m hoping to finish up my main shed growing area by next week, or sooner(asap). I set pics to a lower setting in case of issues of sizing. Lower pics are of freshly done clones, the plants were oversized with too much growth to the point I couldnā€™t barely see the stems, except for the far right front plant that has been formerly severely damaged, but recovering mostly with expecially two fresh branches down low I want to become two main stems and tall. And finally, I feel the mg plant food I am using is too hard to use, I am only entertaining myself, learning, knowing I need to likely add in more ā€œPā€ anyway.