This has really chapped my hide


I recently, upon finishing my parole for growing, moved to New Mexico, 'cuz they have legal medical bud. I get here, and there is no, and I mean no, organizational mechanism to get medicine to those who need it. I quite naively thought that there must be such, and, hey, how about the poor people,and those who have black thumbs?? I applaud the medical weed law while being upset that Gummint can be so f#%$ing stupid. Every day, in every way. If I can get my Morphine on the State’s tab (VA and Medicaid) why do I have to pay street prices for weed?
I’m headed to San Francisco to visit one of my Daughter’s in August. She says that their law, Cali’s, is about two sentences long. No detail on who can grow, how much, and so forth. And nobody - not the politicians, not the cops, nobody, gives a Rat’s behind. Weed is, for all intents and purposes, legal across the board there. She smokes in Bars (you can smoke weed, but not tobacco! :wink: , on the street, anywhere. I really do think that I will settle down out there with her.



Well; Cali law is a little more involved than that. It is quits liberal 99 plants. Caregivers can grow using another’s med card. It is still very illegal to have an unlicensed grow; Expecially where children are involoved.

And the Feds still bust people and destroy grow-ops in Cali.

However; Great place to do what you need Jodie.

One thing I can tell you about prices though. IN a MMJ pharmacy an 1/8oz goes for 65 bucks.