This has been one weird

Ok I have 3 white widow autos, 2 are very close to harvest a couple of weeks. The third the former runt is now as bigger than the biggest of her sisters and just started to bloom. This has been a weird grow. These 3 plants do not look alike one like a pine tree, one a bush, the former runt is as tall as the pine tree, bushier than the bush. There was a fourth one but she decide she is a he and was destroyed. Will post pics soon

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I am growing 3 of the same strain all 3 look completely different and they very in height by a lot. The mystery of cannabis growing

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When growing from seed, you’re going to end up with various phenotypes.


@HearBob i can relate. I have 3 wwa that are just about the same stage as yours. And all 3 are different. They are all from seed ILGM wwa and planted the same time. But as you can see from the pics one is not like the others. Im hopin the problem child will bulk up sometime soon.


It looks like the one is way behind the others. What is light cycle you’re running?


i haven’t welcomed you to our world of growing here at ILGM So “WELCOME”

yOUR ANSWER " grnitics my friend"

They have been on 12/12 for a while now. About 8 weeks.


You just have one that didn’t start to flower as soon as others. It will likely go longer than others before being ready for harvest too.

here the pics as promised, sorry for the delay been having some health issues.

hard to believe that they are the same age a couple of bad tric pics

harvest is a week or so for 2 of the gals