This harvest has issues

Hey ladies and gents! My air humidifier(no water just for readings) keeps reading between 35-36% AH. I’m trying to get it down to 30% in side the tent. I also have dehumidifier and faninside. They are drying as we you read this (4thday).

Also the terpenes in the tent (drying) have all resected does that mean it’s time to cure?

Any suggestions to get to 30%?

You’re trying to dry at 30%?

Most of us dry at 60% RH (+-5%) at 60f (+-10deg) with ample circulation and ventilation.

Edit: using these numbers it tends to take 7-10 days to dry enough to try jarring.

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When I was reading the guides it said you want it around 30%

No, you want around 50% at the lowest. Below 50 tends to dry the plant too fast and kills off terps and can make for harsh smoke. Try and keep between 50-60% with good airflow. Don’t aim fans directly at the plant but bounce it off the walls.


Done. Thanks!!

@BobbyDigital @KeystoneCops What happens post 10 day mark if you keep the rh and temp in those ranges? I ask as might need to be away for an extra day or two and curious if there could be an issue letting them hang before getting to final trim and jarring.

It’s fine. Maybe you’ll lose some percentage of volatile terpenes, but it would be worse to jar too early and risk mold developing in humid jars.

Thanks @KeystoneCops on that note, Im a cigar guy and have seen people use the boveda packs in their curing jars.

Could you drop a 60RH reverse packet in each jar?

Thx again

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I’ve never used any of the humidity packs. My answer is to cure in pint jars, and then put everything into smaller jam jars that hold about 1/8 of an ounce. That way I’m going through my open jars pretty quickly.

I’ve heard people describe a “salty” quality to boveda-cured flowers. I know some people swear by different brands.

I’m not sure what a reverse packet is. What I know is that if you control the drying environment to 60/60, hanging for a few extra days will be totally fine.

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