This happens every grow; what is causing it?

This is my 3rd grow, and I get this problem every time. The plant starts off looking really good, and then bam; I get these spotted leaves. New growth looks good.

I’m growing in soil, and I don’t uses a lot of nutes. The soil is black gold with an N value of 0.05. I’ve been told it could be PH, but I don’t think so. I’ve then told it’s light bleach…

This is a Blueberry.

It looks like a nutrient deficiency. It could be a pH lockout, This could be from the pH in the water you feed it or the pH changing in the soil over time. Sometimes you can have minerals from the water alone build up to the point of inhibiting or locking out other nutrients.

The pH of the water you use, pH of any nutrient mixtures you use and pH of the soil itself would help confirm or rules these out. A electrical conductivity (EC), or total dissolved solids (TDS) reading of run-off from the soil would give us a idea of what the parts per million of dissolved solids your soil contains and this could give us an idea if there is a nutrient or mineral salt build up contributing to the problem. Also a reading of the PPM of the water alone would help us know if that is a contributor as well.

Check out the support ticket questions and answer the rest of the questions and maybe with more infor we can determine exactly what is going on.

It does not look like light burn or bleaching at all. For one thing light bleaching would most likely be at the top, nearest the light. This appears to be on lower leaves, more indicative of something building up over time.

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Hey Mac what is the good range of TDS, The high and low. Hope I ask that right, for soil if that matters.

Hey man, thanks for getting back to my question so quickly!

I ran though a bunch of tests over the weekend, and I think you’re right. I do think it is a pH problem. My water p’H is 7.35, and my TDS is 113ppm. I couldn’t get a soil pH test.

I don’t use many Nutrients during veg stage because other than the spots in the pictures below the plants seem to do just fine. I think my soil has what they need during the Veg stage.

Just wanted to post back, and confirm it was a pH problem. After correcting the pH the problem has gone away.
Thanks for all of your help!

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I have had similar problems and if you can get some pine needles horse crap and epsom salt …let the soil dry out a bit while you let the horse shit soak in a 5 gallon bucket of water you can also add a bottle of mineral water to the mix, with a few pine needles for a couple days add a tablespoon or two of epsom salt and water as normal should clear it up.
ph is a tad high epsom is a great mag booster and the pine needles will bring your ph back into range and add some amino acids all organic and cheap.

I have added mineral water from time ot time but i am not sure i have seen a direct benefit to the addition. I have however used this “tea” since the early 70’s with great sucess

Thanks for the info. I happen to have access to all the things you listed above, and in the future will give them a try.

So, here she/he is after correcting the pH issue by adding some pH during every watering. As you can see no spots on any of the new growth. Thanks to all who helped, and a special thanks to Robert for providing this site, and a wonderful seed bank!



She looks very nice! Good job