This grow will be awesome

Greetings All!
I’m currently in my 2nd grow and still as “green” as with my 1st! But with notes of my previous mistakes in hand I’m off & running… 16 days above ground.
2 Northern Lights autos from ILGM
2 Blueberry autos from ILGM
3 gal fabric pots
P4P Superb Soil
Mars Hydro TSW 200 - currently @ 20” full pwr
3x3x6 tent set up in basement
AC Infinity 6” intake & exhaust
Oscillating fans -3
18/6 lighting schedule
Daytime temp/RH - 78-80F/ 65%
Lights off temp/humid - 73F/65-70%

Here in Midwest, US we are experiencing extended periods of extreme heat & humidity which presents similar conditions inside grow room & tent.
I am leaving tent door & all vents wide open constantly. I attached screen material over the door opening with clips.
2 fans inside the tent circulating air, and 1 just in front of the door to help move air.
Exhaust/intake system currently triggers at 82F or 70% and sometimes runs continuously for long periods of time.
Any others suggestions input to help with tent environment?
Thanks in advance! :peace_symbol:🪴


Welcome back @Willum .
Plants look really strong so far.
The increased heat and humidity is not a bad thing at this stage. During veg the plants actually thrive with higher humidity. If it is still hot and humid when the flowers start to stack, just make sure you have good air flow and ventilation.


Thanks for your info. I’m hoping as Fall approaches temps & RH will be in line with these girls’ schedule :crossed_fingers:t2:

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