This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


good morning garden!
up early poking the fire…lol
oops, wrong trhead,nothing to see here folks just a high guy trying to wake up!


@bob31 If I plan on moving to MA I’ll take a donation :money_mouth_face:


Hey @bob31 just stopping in to check yp on you
Hate hearing the words shutting down my grow
Ill plant something in your honor lol
Talk soon bud hope you enjoy the fruits of your labor my friend


It’s more like a pause than a shutdown lol @Countryboyjvd1971 I have plenty to keep me busy!


I hear you bro just makes me sad even tho it your grow eoom not mine
All good
cost effectiveness is a must in tjis game bro


I’m gonna drop new beans end of February so 2.5 months to go! LOL Not that I am counting! Or I can start sooner if I get the other shed done faster!


Well gst cracking on the shed buddy lol


i’m right there with you @bob31



@bob31 and others. Anyone have any photos of their gold leaf like the day before or just before you cut it down? Its last hours of life…Thanks.


I have a pic of it piled on a plate, only pic I took the day o harvest I think. Let me double check my pics. @Countryboyjvd1971 cut down his G last night @cyberblast


@bob31 Okay, will tag @Countryboyjvd1971 into hear as well as your tag and see what he says.


Here is what I have from Nov 5 which was harvest day

I know a couple are a little blurry and dark, which is why I didn’t add them to my journal, but that is what I have! @cyberblast


@bob31 Thanks bob, that is just what I wanted. The one without the red, that is. :grin: Anyway, was wondering, did you or not split the trunk of the GL. Cause if you didnt, I do want to. So just wondering when I should. Looking at the tricombs, they are mostly cloudy and now a few amber. I want to split the trunk, so wondering just when I should do that. You had mentioned giving it another couple weeks, which is fine, but where in there do I split. Needs to be split than set for about 4 days and then harvest. So when do I look to split?


I didn’t split that one. Have you seen the ILGM tutorial? I can post that for you?

And when to do that would depend on you. I cut mine down at the first sight of amber. (Totally personal preference on what the trichomes look like. If you have some amber and your goal is say 20% I would probably time the harvest for about 6 or 7 days from today. @cyberblast


@bob31 It makes me sad for you that you’re “pausing”. I also LGM and can tell that you do too. Busy or not, you’ll be thinking beans. Lol :rofl: Hopefully you’ll still check in. We need you!


@muffybunny I am not going anywhere. I check in almost daily over on the Garden topic and I have only missed maybe 4-5 days over there in last 8 months or so! Just a short pause to save a lot of money trying to heat a space that was never intended to be heated!