This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


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Tagging for Journal Update

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Thanks everyone for stopping by and having a look around! Sure do appreciate it!


Nicely done @bob31 and a great haul on the GL. Yipee a 1/4lb scrog!! Great growing my friend, just fantastic.


@Screwauger yep, I’m pretty excited that I got that yield. Of course now that is my benchmark so next SCROG grow I’m looking to double that!


mmmmmmmm,i cannot wait until mine come in @bob31 looks like some :fire:


@bob31. Nice yield bob, did you have any problems with your plants that needed correction or are these just a hardy strain?


Very nice @bob31 keep up the great work! Quite the haul!


Congrats that’s incredible​:+1::v:


Lots of filled jars there Bob. Congrats!


Light assembled yet @Covertgrower


@Bobbi The Gold Leaf was pretty much hands off except for getting her set up on the SCROG which involved some FIM and Topping but I had zero issues with the Gold Leaf!

She isn’t the prettiest looking bud in the jar but I don’t really need pretty smoke.

The smell is different too. I think I would have to call it piney/. earthy? I dunno exactly, but I won’t know for sure until mid December when she’s all cured up!

Thanks guys for your input. It makes all the difference!

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Lovely looking buds dude, very tasty looking jars! :+1: :grin:


Nice jars, keep up the good work !


@Screwauger not yet, but I’ll be assembling some of it today after work! I’ll tag you with progress when I get something put together.


I think @bob31 nailed the aroma of the GL although I think ALL buds are pretty haha! (Just smoked some now!) It’s a hardy plant with a stalk that stays pliant fairly far into flower which can be helpful if you have to LST last minute lol.

Another thing I noticed was each tier of branches alternated 60° so the canopy didn’t shade the lower branches. Large fan leaves.


Well my last harvest was the BOM Blueberry and she was purdy! lol so my eyes are still a little jaded! @Myfriendis410

I’m looking forward to putting the flame to the GL!


Can almost smell those buds from here Bob!
Great job!!!


Thanks Sir! A couple of them are a pretty nice size! I am pretty sure that Santa Claus is going to spread them out a little! @North_East_Newbie


@bob31 my GL girl has a kind of skunky piney smell. Not as strong now as it was a couple weeks ago. It was overpowering then and would blast out of the tent when I opened the tent. Now it has mellowed out and not near as strong. Guess that happens huh? :thinking:


Mine was a skunky grower as well. Yeah they do that with the smell, but I don’t understand why? @cyberblast

How far along is yours?