This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


I commuted into Boston for 30 years. I’m done with that. When I first started I could make it in 25 minutes. When I retired in 2015 it was an hour and most times more than that. I don’t miss it one bit @DoomSack


Man, that looks freakin awesome @bob31, well done! :+1: :grin:


I bought a five pack and used them on my harvest. For the price point, very nice IMO. @bob31 @Covertgrower

Congrats on the GG harvest Bob!!! I had never heard of the strain before coming to this forum. Never tried it, until this weekend. My brother in law had 1/4lb of GG and we were sampling all weekend. Really unique taste and smell and a killer stone! Me thinks you will like, I sure did!!


Are you back home? @Screwauger I’ve had the gg. Not home grown tho shall see how it is in a couple of weeks! It is really sticky so I think it’s gonna be good stuff!


@bob31 woohoo :raised_hands: on harvest of gg did you get to sample her at all yet ?
Im curios on your thoughts buddy illbe trying to do some catching up tjis week here
Then head back to see mom and dad for another week
Brother so yeah im a bit busy
When you gwt a chance let me know kiddo
:v:️John :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah @bob31 we got home about 9pm. Mass Pike was a parking lot from about Springfield all the way to 495. Always moving but miles of 35mph coasting…ah well traveling on a holiday weekend is never a good plan.

My brother in law buys in bulk annually and he had 6 qp’s of different strains and I was blown away. We only sampled the gorilla glue heavily and it had a unique smell in the jar. Loads and loads of resin, gums up the grinder and a different sort of flavor, good but different for me. I would say earthy but my pallet is pretty numb…excellent high and that’s the goal.


I took a loose leaf vape and some papers. Gold Leaf went with me.


Hi guys, thanks for the updates! :smiley::v::+1::palm_tree:

@Countryboyjvd1971 I didn’t sample any of the GL or GG. But there is no mistaking the two.

I’m hoping to jar up GL today and then I can see how GG is doing on her drying. I trimmed her a little closer since there wasn’t as much of her!

@Screwauger I have been on the pike on a Sunday evening. Tactical error on my part. If that is when you have to travel, then you have to deal with it. I could have avoided it and I always do since then.

The GG I have from a local supply is pretty good medicine, but I have high hopes for my homegrown GG as she is way stickier and stinkier than the local I had previously. Very potent like the BB!

@Myfriendis410 I should have known you would be prepared. I don’t leave home without my vape and my credit card! LOL GL… I’m so looking forward to getting mine cured!

Later boys!


The GL is turning into my cocktail hour and later reserve. It’s more potent than the SD but less aromatic. That is not the fault of the plant but of the rapid ripening IMO.


@bob31 I remember hearing about GG from you first and went out and bought a 1/2 oz of it. I LOVE it ! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Would like to grow some too !

I don’t use much each day so 1/2 oz is gonna last a long time. I use Kaviar every day and my pain is largely no issue any more ! I will add some GG or blue dream once in a while to just relax and let my mind exercise.

I am starting to read large amounts of books. Would like to get back to college and finish my Masters, I’m only 6 hours away from graduation. Take Care. Jerry:us::man_farmer:


go get your masters @TxGrowman 6 hrs would not even be a full semester…lol
i’m harvesting two super silver haze now,this stuff is a soaring energetic high…i’ll be glad when my gg and northern lights get ready so i will have an evening smoke!
@bob31 i’m seriously considering the platinum mix pack next order… i must try some gl to see what everyone is howling about…lol
also @Willd sold me on the purple haze…


I’m thinking shooting shotguns of smoke up my schnoz every day is probably numbing it’s olfactory sensors as well.
Really looking forward to vaping cured flowers in the Volcano once their fully cured. That really accentuates the various terpene profiles.


The GL is definitely a winner too @BIGE.
@Myfriendis410 is right on in the comparison to Sour D. I’m thinking it’s going to take a while to fully cure because of how dense the buds are and how slowly they dried.


i was just checking out new seeds and ,WOW! glad to see ilgm up their seed line-up…

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

Hahaha @BIGE you sound like me. I have four lists of beans “must have” “have” “Not Again” and “look what he’s got.”

In the past 24 hours I have had a total of 8 strains in and out of my shopping cart. Neuroses is setting in.

First it was B. Gum, P. Haze and Sour D then J. Herer then I popped off site to look at gorilla glue then back to ILGM to add california dream, then remove B. Gum…it goes on LMAO.


man,i’m the same way! lol
thing of it is i have plenty of seeds,it’s just that i have tried them all once…some of them two or three times…lol
i can look at seed profiles until my eyes cross!


Yep, I’m very fond of it. On my worst nights the GG knocks me right down! hahaha I’m pretty sure the new harvest will be much better than the locally procured. So far the blueberry has been!

And I’m with @BIGE go do it! I know it’s the hardest 6 hours of the whole program!


@Screwauger @BIGE @bob31 I’ve added soo many strains to the cart, cross referenced so many seeds, when I come up with a new one to add, I go back and verify what the information is again because I’ve looked at so many. I’m so glad ILGM has upped their strain selection. I will now remove the lemon Kush from a competitor website, to add it in the list website. Some of these I haven’t heard of, great, more research…


Grow Journal Update: 14 Nov 2017

ILGM Gold Leaf; 14 Nov 2017, Jarred for Curing; Harvested 5 Nov 2017; Flowering Day 74 on 23 Aug 2017; 101 days from Second Fimming on 15 July 2017; Day 158 From Sprout on 30 May 2017

528 grams of wet bud. Dryweight, 113 grams into the jars for curing.

Gorilla Glue (Gifted Seed) Harvested, 12 Nov 2017; 64 Days From Flowering on 7 September 2017; Fimmed 15 Aug and on 8 Aug 2017, Day 139 From Sprout on Jun 29, 2017

224 grams of wet bud.

Amnesia Haze Auto; AHA 2; 38 Days From Flowering on 8 Oct 2017; 67 days from Sprout on 8 September 2017

She received full nutrients (FF Trio} and another shot of cal-mag. Another three weeks or so to go for her!

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