This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


@DoomSack hey that’s good you used these. Glad you recommend them! Thanks!


awesome @bob31…keep us posted …
i cannot wait until a gg or nl is ready…lol this ssh is good day smoke,i need a knock-out punch for the end of the day…
i know nl will get the job done,hoping gg will live up to the hype…lol


A couple more strains for the library nice job! :+1:


Dude, you’re always out of likes. You need a like basket haha!


I spread a lot of love! hahaha I’m back now and just got them caught up! Oh well, if thats all i haveto be concerned with then… @Myfriendis410


Back home now? How was the weekend?


I could really use a hit right now…


Well, the BB has been rolling so i’m good for both of us right now!


Still driving. Nice time in the foothills. Went for sushi last night and it was fantastic. But I want to get back to my plants. The wife is driving now…


gotcha. I figured you were still on the road. I love goin’ i hate goin’ back. The ride that is. Seems like it takes twice as long, lol


Well I have an 8 grams ball of kief waiting for me. :grin:


giddy-up @Myfriendis410 you’re burning daylight :smiley::palm_tree::v::+1:


I am out of likes. But,:+1::ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::+1::ok_hand::v:️:sunglasses:


Thanks @OldStealth I love harvest time. it’s bittersweet!


Harvest time for Gajonga is still about eight weeks out. Envious of your harvest. I only have room for a single. That’s why I usually go with autos. But this time I had to go with this magnificent photo. If I had the room, I would grow photos in cycles to have a continuous harvest. :sunglasses:


@OldStealth what size tent are you running? Thanks bro.


My wife and kids already know if we’re going to be on the road I take the one hitter I don’t have the nerves or patients to be surrounded by idiots…


I take a vape pen, lol @Sirsmokes @Myfriendis410


In the cannanazi state I live in, true Stealth is a box 2x2x6. Built by hand out of stuff that would not raise an eyebrow. Maybe next season a bigger box. It cannot look like a grow space. :sunglasses:


gotcha and understood! @OldStealth


One of the many reasons i left the city @bob31, If i have to make a venture to the city, I smoke before, during and after.

@OldStealth I live in a state controlled by the same laws that are unchanged. The ones in power are blind. I’m forced to keep all my dealing secret, including my family which i am close to, which makes it worse. Nothing would please me more that the boast to my father and then give him a sweet christmas gift. At this point its just a fantasy. No talking about the next strain over dinner to my folks in my neck of the woods.

Typical commute into the city goes like this:
I’m already traveling at 80 mph to keep up with traffic, these people are passing me like they are playing with life and it’s an Atari game… I can only assume they are traveling way over 100 mph (it’s just started to rain so the road is a hazard so if this person wants to stop suddenly they will be inside out after colliding into that slower moving 18 wheeler ahead). Every driver should be forced to take a separate defensive driving course, these people are insane.

But I don’t get offended, that just leads to rage. I just back off and look for an out. i don’t miss just cruising down the open road which i do daily where i reside.