This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


I trim then hang them for 4 to 5 days in my bedroom. The last Harvest I kept up for a day too long and they were a bit dry. I went to the local smoke shop and got some 67% humidity packs and kept them in the jars for a day. They came out perfect after that.


I have no hydro or smoke shops around me but I’m thinking of ordering some of those packs myself


Very nice looking crop @BobWags congrats


The boveda two way packs are on amazon too @Sirsmokes


Thanks, @Sirsmokes The smoke shop did not have the 62% humidity packs which is what you need. They only had the 67% for cigars which is why I kept them in for only a day. If I kept them in longer they could have produced mold.


Thanks @bob31 that is what I plan on ordering. And you just throw them into jars with the buds? Once the buds get around 60 on their own then put them and pack into mason jars?


Congrats man. You better fill that tent back up. Lol


@bob31 wow am drooling again :slight_smile: great work


is that your biggest yeild to date @bob31?
awesome man! i like it,i love it!


@bob31 love the plates :joy: we must have the same taste in paper plates :joy:
Congrats on the harvest, greatness!


Yes but you have to open the jars a couple times a day and keep checking the Rh until it stays steady around 60. The boveda 2 way packs should keep them steady. I have a small meter that I can slip in the jars and spot check them to be sure. @Sirsmokes


Yes it was my largest by far. @BIGE I didn’t plan it that way but she sort of got away from me in veg and got pretty big. Luckily I was able to throw the scrog together and keep her from busting through the roof of the tent! Haha

GG will be ready soon too!


And thanks everyone for your comments and input and likes. It is greatly appreciated!


Awesome sauce! Looking forward to this…


Nice @bob31 Congrats on the harvest. Maybe you can scrog the Blue Dream. Would love to see that and I bet you would get a bigger haul then the GL.


You’re reading my mind there @AnneBonny I was just thinking the same thing!


Awesome stuff finally got that harvest that been going for most of the year down! Onto bigger and better things.
You take a lot better pictures then I do hahah I have to spend a bit more time it seems…

Looking real good though wouldn’t mind some harvest myself just got to wait for a month before I get to start pulling down a few plants :sunglasses: Hopefully i don’t go blind when i’m trimming :rofl:

Good take away as well really improving grow to grow!


yes Sir, this has been a great journal to follow @bob31 with lots of great growing tips, Gratz on the harvest and looking forward to warmer weather and your next grow


Nice grow @bob31!
Onto the next venture.
I hope to be starting my next grow in a few weeks. Can’t wait.


GREAT Job ! That should keep you running for a while. Sure wish I could find the time and space to grow that many plants. Take care of yourself ! Jerry:man_farmer::us: