This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Hahah pretty much the same 6 month plan for me is have another grow room with brand new lights. Like your thinking! I usually only use HID lighting so they act like a heater themselves once enough of them are in play in which case throw in a portable aircon to keep the temp in check but temperature controller works too!

apart from the car and bathroom hehe


I think I will add another light to my tent too, but I’m in no rush for that at all. hahaha always something. I liked growing in my shed, but I am going to grow at least one in the ground this year! (I said that last year too)


Yeah can’t go wrong with buying a roll of panda plastic and going crazy with it if you do it in the shed takes a whole weekend to mount it and takes a few hours to even get the grow room design out oh yeah lots of tape… I must of used about five rolls of tape if not more hahah for one room.

I just hook lines up for the lights so it easy to put up and easy to take down couldn’t get much simpler it still takes a long time to do but worth it and shouldn’t take longer then 2-3 days depending how big of a space you building out.

I started out in the house and the general smell of it made me too sleepy and even the roaches in the house either died or slowed right down to a fact i just had to slap them with a shoe and they didn’t even move. I got a roach in my grow room that sealed out in my workshop now which I converted half the space into a grow room must of been a roach on the side of it when i was sealing it up with tape it was about five foot away from the plant and dead hahah.

They might survive a nuclear bomb but don’t seem to survive the smell of weed.


Mainly it will be cleaning it out. Throwing away the junk and then I need to insulate the whole shed. I’m not doing anything till I get a new roof on.It’s tarped right now I suspect some of my tools are ruined. I can’t bring myself to go in there until I fix the roof…


Yep understand I believe in doing the job right the first time nothing more inconvenient then having to redo the same job twice. You’ll get there!


I can’t quit laughing at the thought of dead roaches from inhaling weed fumes!!


Can we say, Cannagrower’s syndrome. OCD with the Garden? :sunglasses::grin:


I’d say that’s accurate @OldStealth


It’s official. CGS, all us obsessed Gardner’s are affected. @Willd has a severe case. I glad it’s not a bad thing. It CAN be hard on the wallet! :grin::sunglasses:


I definitely have CGS. I think my wife is getting a little pissed, but wants the result as much as I do.


You know my wife is funny about that too. I mean think of all the negative things in the world we could be doing… Just saying…


Lol - true story. I grow and play board games with my nerdy friends. I’m either at work or home. That’s a pretty predictable spouse right there.


Wait haven’t you already done all that when you were younger? :rofl:

Only thing that really grinds my gears are the people in government worldwide follow a different set of laws that ordinary people do not to mention famous people or the elites. A lot of them openly admit they see hookers most nights and doing hard drugs yet the laws ignore it because they are “within the circle” so a protected species.

All this double standards get to me sometimes then I just like to forget about it all and relax hahah But i wonder how much money it cost to get once of those license to do anything you like :thinking:

Keep doing what you doing @bob31 and do what makes you happy we got your back :wink: I don’t understand my own partner sometimes either I swear she ignores me half the time hahah


Grow Journal Update: 5 Nov 2017

ILGM Gold Leaf Flowering Day 74 on 23 Aug 2017; 101 days from Second Fimming on 15 July 2017; Day 158 From Sprout on 30 May 2017

Gorilla Glue (Gifted Seed) 57 Days From Flowering on 7 September 2017; Fimmed 15 Aug and on 8 Aug 2017, Day 132 From Sprout on Jun 29, 2017

Two Amnesia Haze Auto’s; AHA 2; 29 Days From Flowering on 8 Oct 2017; 58 days from Sprout on 8 September 2017 (The New Kids!)

Today is chop chop day for my GL. I will be taking here a branch at a time due to the SCROG so it will take me a bit.

And GG is right behind here in about another week if she is ready.

I will check in later with the wet weights as soon as I can!


Yipeeeee! Congrats @bob31 GL going down (harvest), then in (paper bag), then up (in tent), then in (jar), then in again (pipe)—{–{—{-@


It’s a happy bitter sweet day! @Screwauger but I’m looking forward to a pipe load of gl.


@bob31 how do you format your text like that? I see the option to bold, but how are you increasing the size?


I hope you like the GL as much as I do, although it needed a month in the jar.



to get this:

Two Amnesia Haze Auto’s; AHA 2; 29 Days From Flowering on 8 Oct 2017; 58 days from Sprout on 8 September 2017 (The New Kids!)

Do this

Just add two ## and then a space before you type. Like below except without the ().

(##) Two Amnesia Haze Auto’s; AHA 2; 29 Days From Flowering on 8 Oct 2017; 58 days from Sprout on 8 September 2017 (The New Kids!)

You can also just do just one and it will do this

Two Amnesia Haze Auto’s; AHA 2; 29 Days From Flowering on 8 Oct 2017; 58 days from Sprout on 8 September 2017 (The New Kids!)Preformatted text


Cool. I’ve always liked your format and want to do something similar on my new one. Thanks!