This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


@bob31 I have one of my new Green Cracks that is stalled and really falling behind when she’s had almost the exact same care and support s her sister who is doing fine. Just Gardening, that’s how it goes. Getting close to selecting a replacement bean to go down but I want her to live so I am doing all I can. You’ve given AHA ! more than a fair chance to get her genetics togerther in my opinion.


@Screwauger , When I bring GG in the tent I may just put AHA1 out in the yard in GG’s spot and see if some good old fashioned sun might help her out! @Screwauger I don’t want to kill her, but I need the room!


I’m sort of lazy. I copy and paste the top parts in bold. But thanks!


@Oldstoner do you like the viparspectra? I have 3 450w led…


A nice sterile tent you have you might want to quarantine the gg before she goes in…really check her over good over a few days…plants look great @bob31


Thanks @WillyJ I have her a close inspection yesterday and sprayed her and the tent. Unfortunately I don’t have any place else, but I am a cautious sort so I will give her another spray of safer and inspect her close before she goes inside.


The guys who use those seem to do really well . The only lights I have used are the Meizhi 450s


@Oldstoner @VelcroThumb check out the super skunk i grew with a 1200wmezhi i think the money was well spent!
movin on up like george and wheezie!


Impressive SCROG Bob!
Keep up the good work!!!


Thanks @North_East_Newbie

My only regret is not filling the whole screen in, but she is going to produce a couple of ounces just the way she is!


Good morning folks. @bob31 @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 and all others I’ve missed… My WW are giving off a distinct diesel smell… Never smelled that ever before but I’m only on 2nd grow… Guess that’s what they mean when they say that weed “is gas”… Lol… Week 6!feed this morning And a little more fan leave trimming


Grow Journal Update: 14 Oct 2017- Continued 5 on 15 October 2017

AHA1 is out

GG is in

Everyone in and out got another dosage of Safer spray and a close inspection. GG showing old deficiency prior to getting nutes from a month ago

I added an additional 300 Watt LED (Generic) to the tent yesterday so GG is getting enough light. That brings the 3x3 tent to:

1200 watts equivalent

600 watts actual.

This concludes today’s updates! No tags… everyone knew this was coming. Don’t worry I will figure out a plan C for AHA1 if we are getting a frost.

Thoughts From the Morning Garden - Continued

I like the black bug screen! Mine are white :confused:


No sense looking for trouble! The little girl might pull through if nothing eats her! lol @Myfriendis410


i like the safety net @bob31


Yeah man, I couldn’t just stick her out there in the yard without some protection! :rofl:


Scroll up, you won’t have to go too far

@beans the bom is bba1


Everything looks awesome dude, well done! :+1::grin:


I love my tent but I hate my tent…what it does well, help air flow, keep out light, help with RH and all…but the restrictions, unless it’s a massive room size goliath, the average tent is small to really play, corners that are hard to get into and space is at a premium once the plants start growing and filling in

your journals are fun to follow :wink: and your plants are going to please many people


HeHeHe! @bob31, I live in an area where skunks are pretty common, so I can get away with some skunky smell. My BBAs smelled way skunkier than my GL, btw.


We have some skunks around too. The stinky one is the gorilla glue. @bythesea

Personally I love the smell.


That’s what I tell the neighbor @bythesea @bob31! Hahaha! "Did you smell that damned skunk again last night? "