This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


looking great @bob31


Thanks for the tag thats a beautiful thing


@bob31 nice looking ladies all maturing along very nicely. Keep up the awesome growing. That gold leaf is really coming along.


yep, the other one is flowering. So I don’t have any hope for her. Strange how that went. Not one thing different on my end!

I’m probably gonna put the little one outside to see if anything happens and bring the GG inside to let her finish.

And thanks all for your comments!


I would just treat her like a sprout buddy she probably building a huge root system in that pot
She’s small but healthy looking from what I can see
Sorry I probably missed it how old is it ?


a month old. And her siister is getting her pistils! I think she is a lost cause! Side by side in the pic, they are the same age… @Countryboyjvd1971


Give her time @bob31 We had the same thing happen with a BBA , She was a month old and just as tiny. I fed her nutes just the same as her bigger sister got. NOW she’s growing like crazy! Almost caught up to her sister in the last two weeks


Yeah @bob31 don’t give up on her yet! She will make it.


I’m with them above:grinning: but I have a soft spot for runts!


Late to the party @bob31 but I knew I would make it eventually. Been busy around here!!

Firstly, the scrog looks awesome and appears as though you will reap some meds there!!

The GG looks phenom as always!! Would you be concerned with introducing critters to your tent if you brought her in?

AHA 1, something weird there and I would give up her slot to someone who could use it more :wink:

Overall, hitting on all cylinders I’d say! Good times ahead Sir.


Don’t give up on her @bob31 she just might be your big girl in the end .


Wow dude, super scrog & the GG girl looks awesome! :+1: :grin:


I would spray GG down good with safer and then give her a good shaking, inspecting the underside of leaves and soil as well. I’m getting concerned with the out door temps. I have one more light. Might try to squeeze her into the tent with the gang. I’m gonna let aha1 ride

Thanks for your input @Screwauger @Stonetothebone

@Buds007 thanks and welcome to the group. I don’t recognize your username so if you’ve been around my apologies!



I use the 62% bovedas and there is a utube video on how to recharge them if needed. They are supposed to give off and take in moisture. They are called two way packs



Thanks @bob31 I have to give them a try.


they work great. I bought a couple of small hygrometers to slip into different jars to see how the packs are doing, So far so good.

I can post the hygrometer too. They are pretty cool, slide right into the jar


Yay I have a weather station with hydrometer but when I put it in jar it would lose signal. What is the one you got?


there are smoke shops around town that probably have the packs too. They were originally developed for humidors

they are about 1/2" wide and and less than 2" long plus or minus

I bought two of the hygrometers and one reads 3% different than the other, so I split the difference. One is a plus 1.5 and the other is -1.5 so I put a + and - mark on the front. So far so good


Yay the hydro shop has them. Looks like I will be paying them a visit.


do you go to the one in Billerica? They had them last time I was there. There is also a smoke shop right up the road at the plaza next to kmart