This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


I’ve had the blueberry from around here and it was pretty good stuff, so I can only imagine how good this is gonna be.

Here is BBA2 all jarred up at 14 grams

I have to do a tiny bit of trimming before it goes into the grinder, but those little leaves are covered with trichomes!


Beautiful @bob31. I’m hoping to order some of that amnesia haze you suggested from here. Your bud nuggets look phenomenal. I hope mine turn out half as good.


Nice bounty brother enjoy :wink::wink::wink:


Wang Dang Doodle @bob31 :football: man
No arguing you’ve got a BOM entry there


I’ve been keeping my eye on her, hoping for some purple on the buds but not this go around! She is a pretty girl and soon to be good smoke! @Willd


Awesome job @bob31 and IMO that’s a BOM contender for sure. Wowzaaaa and AHA’s in the pots, you got a system to emulate there Brother. Nice nice nice!!!


I sampled my BBA two nights ago. Very uplifting long lasting high. Can’t wait for the cured product.


Thanks Sir. It’s a bit of a squeeze doing all of this in a 3x3 tent and one outdoors but it sure as heck is fun! I’m gonna be gifting Indica for months! lol


Bob, you on the DL?.. I think I saw someone ask you about your knee… @bob31… We can’t have you down too long, we need our professional tech and plant support!! Lol


I’m good @Zombo I was laid up for a few days. Getting better by the day though. Just a minor tweaking three weeks ago, I still made it to the game last Thursday, though I did take most of the week off otherwise and I have only played golf one time in three weeks. I’m gonna work tomorrow and see how it feels. I should be a game time decision, LOL!

After 23+ years in the military I have a lot of old injuries that raise their heads at the most inconvenient times. I’m not sure what is going on with the knee. i just walked and turned around to go a different direction and it felt like I got wacked with a hammer! hahaha sucks gettin’ old!


Rest up brother, after years of sports and working, my knees hurt as well… years ago I had a blown patella, had surgery… Aging is not for wimps… I’m 52 but feel 24 but my body reminds me every fargin day that I’m 52…Lol


it sure does @bob31


Good thing you got plenty of meds coming your way soon to help relieve the pain and recovering up haha :slight_smile: I’ve forgotten how slow seedling stage to veg stage is when all you doing is reading journals takes an hour to watch someone grow start to finish but when you growing yourself time goes into slow motion hahah.

Good to see your seedling up and about they looking awesome I actually still have a stunted plant that in seedling stage still might be like that all month who knows and end up chucking it out if it just going to be forever like that :frowning: At least got some new product on the way see if I can’t get it going.

As always you doing good in your grows Bob keep up the awesome work. Race you to the finish line :wink: Haha just teasing I’m two weeks ahead not a fair contest with just about seven to nine weeks to go before I finish up.


you got it. I would transplant that one you are talking about. Sometimes they get a pocket of crap soil or something and moving them into a new home makes all the difference!


Yeah i transplanted already just growing at tenth of the speed hahah I mean it my fault though damaged the tap root got too big in the paper towel so not blaming the genetic or the plant and tap root grew out pretty fast just going to get it up to the stage where it big enough to clone and kill it see it real potential not taking it most likely through flower but all early stages.

Choices to be made and bridges to be crossed but not today hahah. If anything I’m pretty happy about the stable genetics all the plants from the two strain that did come out are all uniformed kind of like when you take clone cuttings.

You just grow autos and not a fan of regular? Oh just me looking you are growing some Regs :slight_smile:


Came out nice @bob31. I have my blueberry jarred up as well it’s curing pretty well. Starting to get a nice blueberry smell to it.


Honestly once I harvest I try not to smell them too much as it always seems disappointing until they’ve been jarred a couple of weeks! I’m looking forward to harvesting bba1 in the next couple of days. May do it up on Friday!


Beautiful @bob31 real nice job! :+1::+1:


The plant outside by the white fence looks awesome, do you think plants grow/produce better in the outdoors? I put one of my plants outside this summer because it was way behind, not flowering as fast as the others. In two days it caught up, sun seemed to hit all the spots as it rotated thru the day.


@bob31 you picked up anpillen sgaker didn’t you ?
Trim those leaves and save them for that woohoo :raised_hands: