This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


More space is always good! But yeah get a bit more complicated the bigger the space too but nothing you can’t handle :yum: You get to play around with more strains too.


By the time I harvest the Blueberry and then the Gold Leaf and Gorilla Glue, I’m going to have enough Indica for a year! I plan to spread it around though. Lots of hurting people, just in my family alone.


do you cure with humidity packs? Or do it the old fashion way? I like the intregra boost packs keep things simple…


I use a small hygrometer until they get close (burping as needed) and then I use a 62 boveda for finishing and storage.


Sweet good to see you got things downpact yourself well I’ll let you get back to it :sunglasses:



I ordered three of those mini hygrometers and I have 62% boveda’s but have never done this before. Back in the day, two gallon hellman’s jugs suited my ignorant needs.

If I had say, ten jars (wishing) and used the 3 meters, would taking an average applied to all the jars be okay? Move them between jars or order 7 more? Thanks @bob31


Nah just rotate them through the different jars @Screwauger once they get down under 60 throw the bovedas in and you’re all set.


@bob31 @Screwauger
What is bovedas


Last time I grew we let it cure in brown paper bags and it cured out nicely


have two types of humidity bag things one is bovedas the other is intregraboost both do the same thing and the biggest bag can handle 8 ounces and keeps the humidity at 62% automatically.

Takes the guess work out of it plus if you got lots of produce it time consuming doing it the old fashion way this way with the humidity satchels what they are keep it in the cure zone by either adding moisture or taking moisture from the jar as needed essentially bypassing the burping altogether once you have the humidity dialed in and the buds are actually dry ready for curing not too wet.

And don’t bother with the small bags… They don’t last long and you want to know it up for the job… Always get bigger bag sizes if you are going to use it. With the intergraboost satchels they have 55% and 62% which the 55% range is basically for a quick cure and finishes off your curing since around that humidity level once it reaches that… Curing stops and it ready to be smoked.

If you in a hurry once you finish drying and still wanted to cure over 1-2 weeks 55% is perfect for that otherwise 2-4 week plus you’ll stay with the 62% and that pretty much good for 4 plus month cure if you are so inclined…

Apologies to bob I’ll stop explaining stuff in your journal now :laughing:


No worries… @Immortalized

BEANS AHOY!!! Two Amnesia Haze Autoflowering

I was busy preparing to drop beans. Waiting for the temps to come up to 79-81 before they take the plunge!

BBA2 harvest tomorrow. BBA1 gets another few days.


BBA1 and BBA2


BBA1 Close

BBA2 Close


looking good bob and all the luck to you! The funny thing is i reckon your seeds going to pop faster then these stupid fem Skunk Kush I’m going to make a complaint about the weak genetics and gene pool of them but reasonably happy with the other two though.


Nice @bob31… Let’s see them growing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@bob31 you do always have some beautiful girls brother, hope your help will allow me to grow something this beautiful


That is some frosty goodness! @Sirsmokes happy to help anytime. Tag me with any questions!


BBoy oh bboy, those are things of beauty!! You know your stuff Sir ( @bob31 ). Thanks for the update and I will continue to be an apprentice to your grows. Look! Up in the Sky! It’s, it’s BBA2…


Good looking stuff Bob :+1::+1: I’ve got to try an auto sometime…


Hey @bob31 please help me out with some trichome pics from your BBA.
I want to see how them look and maybe you can tell me what is the amber %.