This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


You can’t go wrong with a good smoke buzz and iced tea. That’s my chill out and relax mixture when I get home from work then play in my garden of weeden for therapy it wirks really good. Who knew growing and smoking good weed could be so theruapudic


Dam… You sure we’re not related??? Haha :v::palm_tree::grin::+1::beers: beers mugs was the closest I could find!


You mean Long Island iced teas right? @bob31 @Sirsmokes


I love this point in the grow, watching the buds develop & get fat…
You’re gonna be a happy man!


Thanks for your comments! @Zombo @Sirsmokes @Immortalized @Covertgrower @BIGE @WillyJ @Myfriendis410 @Screwauger

Thanks @North_East_Newbie I already am thanks to my cured AK47!

I went out in the backyard to check the girls and I was greeted with a most pungent odor. An odor commonly associated with the flowering Cannabis plant…

Hmmm GG… So I got some closeups of GG and I think shes a girl! @Countryboyjvd1971

And wouldn’t you know I took 15 pictures and none of them are good enough to tel anything. I will wait a few more days!


I did find a new resident who looks like she wants to setup residence on GG’s top leaves.


I hope you posted the No Vacancy sign!


Get 'em out (and keep his coat)!!!


It’s just a spider. She’s gonna help me keep the bad bugs away!


Haha I guess it’s possibe I got a large family I’m 36 and still meet aunts uncles and cousins I didn’t even know I had. I moved to my little town 3 years ago and just found out a year ago I have 3 family members who live in the same town and I didn’t even know they existed. Damn large tennessee mountain families


Nope I’m a smoker not a drinker. I may have 4 bloody Maries a year


what you need is a train guard cat! :laughing:


nip it in the bud! @bob31


hahaha She’s gone @BIGE I helped her set up shop on another plant close by just in case I need her services later!

Harvest is imminent on at least BBA2. BBA1 may need another week or two. Dropping two Amnesia Haze Auto seeds today. I don’t have room for them in the tent until at least one of the BBA’s goes to harvest, but that will be this weekend.

Perpetual growing… I keep reading journal after journal about folks that are taking bud early and microwaving or using other such techniques to quick dry bud. So let me get up here on my soap box!

Don’t let this happen to you!

Start seeds two weeks before the current grow is ready to harvest. Keep plants in different stages of flower. Mix grow auto and photo plants. there are many different ways to ensure you have a continual harvest.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by! Spread the love! You get new likes every 24 hours! You can’t take them with you! hahaha!!!


So that probably rules out an hour on the dash of the car too? Just kidding. The temptation is real but good things come to those who wait!!! @bob31


I just don’t like to put myself under that kind of pressure! hahaha @Screwauger

Nothing better than pulling off the lid of some cured bud and getting the whiff! Tossing it into the grinder and then into the implement of choosing and WOW! hahahaha


When are you going to start on your next run bob?


@Immortalized this weekend I’m going to harvest at least one BBA and start one or two AHA. I gotta have a close look at both of the BBA today out in the sun and see how they look.


All good look forward to it! Yeah I need to transplant too can’t wait for the other strains anymore slowing down my growth too much. Wanted the second and third strain to catch up a bit to my 1st but they are too far behind so going to just transplant and put it the Black Domina under bigger containers and feed some nutes.


I hear ya. I am limited on the amount of room that I have. That won’t be an issue next spring though when I get my other shed all finished. I’m not going cray but I want to have at least two grow spaces. I am probably only going to grow in 3 seasons from here out though…