This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Looking awesome @bob31.
Time flys man seems like you just planted those autos. I need to start thinking of my next lady’s as well.


I know many these have been crazy fast! @Jmesser80

I already have the seeds, but I think I just realized I screwed myself…

I have to put GL into flower as she is already getting bigger than I really wanted her to be. That means 12/12 for the next 2 months in the only tent I have. I wanted to grow two amnesia haze autos. I’m gonna have to get creative! (I recant this statement below!)


Wow, just stunning @bob31 looks good enough to smoke or strap on the skies and take a run down!! BB Frost coming up!!


Lots of literature out there on “12/12 from seed” @bob31
By the looks of my google page, I’ve read most of it and it’s certainly a consideration for me down the road.


you know thats true @Screwauger the new babies are Amnesia haze Autos. no reason I can’t just run them 12/12 they dont care about no stinking light (I’m gonna plead my case as to a brain cramp… or over medication! LOL)


Lookin’ good my friend ! !


Thanks Jerry! Hows it going?


I’ll tell you that my GL wanted another month before flower but I was forced to run her with my other two. What a difference in aspect between them! But there’s only so much space.

Looking really good!


They are looking great @bob31, pat yourself on the back for a job well done…


Thank you Sir! @Stonetothebone


Doin OK. Now that I am going to get some better meds next week and got some better stuff till then. Leg is still a bit painful but GCS seems to make me feel better and no more narcotics.


Partial Grow Journal Update: 29 Aug 2017-

ILGM Gold Leaf Flowering Day 7 on 23 Aug 2017; 45 days from Second Fimming on 15 July 2017; Day 91 From Sprout on 30 May 2017

Two Blueberry Auto’s Day 87 From Sprout on 31 May 2017; Flowering Day 54 from 6 July 2017

Gorilla Glue (Gifted Seed) Fimmed 15 Aug and on 8 Aug 2017, Day 61 From Sprout on Jun 29, 2017

I was expecting that I might yell timber today, but BBA2 is just a little too clear still.

Some pics up close and personal!






I’m gonna say another week to go…


They look amazing. It’s getting close! I’m on the edge of my seat FOR you.


You have much frostiness sir @bob31… It’s almost soup!


Looking good bob.



Great update, thanks. That microscope is awesome!!! I have a neat lighted loop to examine my trich’s when the time comes but there will be no pics this quality, so I better figure it out as I won’t have the luxury of posting such fine photos for input from fellow growers. At least not until I upgrade to a different phone. Just fantastic!!