This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Silly man @bob31 can’t leave you alone for a minute lol
Looking good brother


Yeah I think I might have hit the pipe one toke too many this afternoon. That ak is great meds! :+1::v::palm_tree::sunglasses: @Countryboyjvd1971


This is the one I bought because it had a spring adapter to hold a cell phone and it holds my scope camera perfect


@Screwauger that Galaxy imo is the best phone out there. I currently have a Motorola Droid. I’ve had it going on 4 years. Wife wants me to get an iPhone but I’m getting the Galaxy as well. Later in the year or next spring


Yes @bob31 , I think I am up in October for a new phone. The microscope you purchased as I recall, will work with all android based phones (which my wife has and I am familiar with). I’ve been on iphone since I switched from my snazzy walmart slide keyboard phone!!! LOL


nice! before the droid I have a different model motorola. I’m pretty sure that microscope will work. There is a small app that you can install and it will verify that the connections will work properly @Screwauger


Looking good! Great picture.


Thank you Sir. Glad to see you around some. Hope you’re feeling better, brother!

@Covertgrower this is my grow!

2 Blue Berry Autos and a Gold Leaf SCROG in a 3x3 tent. I also have a Gorilla Glue growing outdoors. It’s all there!


Not Really A Grow Journal Update…

Some pics I took today.

Words to follow! Peace!

BBA2 Showing signs of Magnesium Defiiciency. Shewas given a small dose of Epsom Salts this morning in her water. She got a half gallon of 6.5


Nice setup :wink:


Not bad for an old shed! @M4ur

It’s a process of love! :palm_tree::+1::grinning::v:


That’s a great set up @bob31 and those BB’s are looking scrumptious!!


yeah they are my stubby little friends! hahaha They’re taking advantage of this beautiful day. I re-positioned them back into the afternoon sun! @Screwauger


Nice exhaust & AC unit!


I’m outta likes, but i really do LIKE! :+1::v::grinning::palm_tree: @North_East_Newbie


@bob31 Will your outside girls be ready before the cold sets in? Do you do anything to prevent bugs from infecting the plants since they are out doors other than inspecting them daily?


I only have the one outside. The other two were just visiting for the day. Lol. @Bobbi

I haven’t seen any bugs on the gorilla glue. I do check her closely every couple of days.

I have been oil and de at the ready if needed!

I am sill undecided if she will make it the entire grow outside. The bba’s will be ready in a couple of weeks so I will have a window of time to either move her in or let her ride. I do have an extra light and I could finish her in the shed next to the tent if needed.

I would rather start a couple of my amnesia Haze autos and put them in place of the bbas. I will make up my mind in the next couple of days!


@bob31 Remind me again, when did you start your BBA’s?


Here’s the dates and numbers on the whole gang @GetbackJoJo

Grow Journal Update: 25 Aug 2017
ILGM Gold Leaf Day 86 From Sprout; 41 days from Second Fimming on 15 July 2017
Two Blueberry Auto’s Day 83 From Sprout on 31 May 2017; Flowering Day 50 from 6 July 2017
Gorilla Glue (Gifted Seed) Fimmed 15 Aug and on 8 Aug 2017, Day 57 From Sprout on Jun 29, 2017


hey @bob31 what’s up with the website?