This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Wow, thats quite a difference! How many days did she veg? @Jmesser80


Thanks brother @Screwauger I think @bobbi bought one or similar and got it working on her ipad, I think? She will pop in and clarify.


@bob31 it popped out of the soil on June 10th and started showing pistols around July 8th so it was 31/2 weeks from popping out to showing pistols. The buds on it look strange but are healthy and packing on weight.


Mine started flowering 2 days before that on 6 July! lol. It was the late transplant on mine, I will bet. I will find out soon enough!

And the AH looks different than most strains I have seen. Although I just saw another grow on here today that someone had the leaf tips that pointed higher than the stems (like the AHA) where as the BBA tend to droop slightly (normal for the strain)


great shot bob!!! it is hard for me to hold my carson up a check trichs…lol
i need one of those don’t i? lol


they help and not that much $$$ too! I think it was one of the better investments so far. The one I bought is kinda flimsy but as much use as it gets, it should be fine. I need to put a hook in the wall of the shed to hang it on. @BIGE


Almost all the fan leaves have turned yellow on my BBA that’s in flower as well. Much more yellow then yours. I’ve been leaving them on, but they are now starting to fall off on their own. Doesn’t seem to be affecting her as the buds are really starting to get fat now.


hmmmmm…that might happen after the move…lol 250.00 more $ today at lowes
lolscrew a budget! i’ve blowed it way out of the water!


So I was sitting here relaxing today. Thinking do I wanna couch lock this day up or continue with the Sativas! hahaha decisions decisions and then I looked to my right and saw this!

76 / 62 is the temp in this room and 62 RH

The Lower Left and lower middle are the shed near my tent (due to the mylar I can’t get the signal in here so I don’t put a sender in the tent. The far lower right is outside.

So we have 81 and 84 in the shed and outside it is 94… wait I have an AC in there… Shouldn’t get above 80… When I wasout there a while ago, i thought i switched it from Low Cool to high Cool but I switched from Low Cool to Low Fan…

Inside the tent it was 82 and RH of 69. I will go out and check it in awhile!

So while I was out there anyway!


GL Filling up the SCROG


@Rugar89 I’ve decided not to be concerned. I’m on the downhill side of the grow. My AK47 was almost completely yellowed at harvest and the bud still didn’t want to ripen all the way. Great Smoke tho!


I think your BBAs are a little over a week ahead of mine, but looking at the photos my girl in flower looks like she may be a little ahead of yours. Not sure how much longer mine has, but it looks like it is getting close. Not sure how long its takes after first starting to see amber. Im not at amber yet, but looks like more cloudy then clear now. Will get a better look when lights come back on tonight.


I still have some white pistils on BBA2 and BBA1 is mostly white pistils still, so she is probably going to need a little extra. I’m thinking 2 weeks on BBA2 and 3-4 weeks on BBA1 @Rugar89 but we will see!


Have some love @bob31 look great that’s how my bb is also


Thanks @Hogmaster I’m outta like for the next three hours so…

:grin::v::+1::palm_tree: :heart:



Sweet Jesus, will you look at them thar crystals! They are looking so great. My buds are really popping now as well. The great bud race! :slight_smile:


harvest time, happy and rewarding days ahead after the grow, look at that sugar…enjoy your reward :laughing:

the scope photos are sharp, I could use that myself for checking trichomes.


Hey Bob, what about BOM @bob31?


@Screwauger @bob31 You can use your ipad if you have a newer one, my ipad had a too wide plug in cord (older model), didn’t match up with the cord to microscope . I did attach it to desktop and my kindle, works on both.


Thanks @Bobbi and @bob31

I just have my iphone, no ipad and no apple computers.
I like Bob’s set up and Samsungs just take nicer photos so I may have to switch as there are multiple options for set ups like Bob’s none of which are compatible with iphone.


Nice tripod…slik?