This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


standard size paint can and they are getting fatter by the day!


BBA1 in the tent. Born the same day, but not as far along.

Very white pistils even at the top of the bud.


Another of BBA1

Note, no deficiencies or excesses showing on leaves (Check out BBA 2)


BBA2 note the leaves! (Im reading it as a Calcium deficiency?) Which is curious since I’m giving full on FF big three nutrients. The other BBA is not exhibiting this.

No new pics of GG or GL today. Its going over 90 today so I’m done out there for now. The tent is running at about 77 with 68 RH so looks like I’m going to need a dehumidifier. Gonna try a plan B first. More on that later!


As far as I can see, it looks like only 2 sets of leaves are affected… Right and left side…? @bob31… All your other plants look awesome!


It/s on about 6 leaves but mostly around the mid to top of the plant. The two largest fan leaves are the most obvious ones. many are slightly lower and not visible in the pic. Not crazy worried, but I’m thinking a light dose of cal mag is in order @Zombo

But the truth is they are only about two weeks from being done, so it’s probably not worth the effort or concern at this point!


lookin good @bob31 woohoo


Thanks CB! @Countryboyjvd1971 Figured I would change it up! Everyone seems happy! The GL and GG and growing like weeds! more on them tomorrow!


@bob31 you can zoom in WAY more with that microscope, I have the same one and it’s zoom abilities are amazing! @bruinsfan33 you’ll appreciate this too lol



Wowzah @bob31 looking good.
Your blueberry autos look nothing like mine. I’ll try and get a updated pic this afternoon. Mine is starting to show the blueberry trait in the big fan leafs though they are starting to purple up a bit.


Go up a little. That was just to demonstrate how I stabilized the camera in the tripod.

Check out my last grow when I got the camera


@Jmesser80 My two side by side, look similar. I transplanted late and I hurt both of them. next time my seeds go from soak to forever home! I have Amnesia Haze Autos up next so we will see how that strategy works!


massive. Looks like a mini traffic come.


That could be why mine looks different @bob31. Mine is more bushy but it doesn’t have a huge cola like yours.
I’ve got an amnesia haze going to (well I have it to a friend to grow but I take care of it) and it is the best smelling plant I’ve ever grown. The buds look strange on it but I think it’s just a strain characteristic.


I’d like to see a pic of your AH. If it is an Auto? @Jmesser80 or tag me over to your grow. I just looked but you have too many topics for me to try and figure out where they might be lol


phenomenal results with the cam Bob.


I’m a little curious about the BBA2 with the issues. That is Blueberry, not Big Bud correct? My blueberry (fem) is the only ILGM strain of mine that exhibited any kind of odd nute issues even though it was fed exactly the same as the other 11 strains.
I thought it was supposed to be well suited for northeastern us latitudes, but I’m having my doubts lately.


correct @Willd Blue Berry Auto

Nothing different on any of them, with minor exceptions. The photos in 5 gallon and the BBA are in 3 Gallon. But only one of the two is showing that. The other grown side by side everything exactly the same and no sign of that on the leaves. They might be a little temperamental? hahaha I have three seeds left so I’m going to go with them for now, but I think If the next batch shows issues, I will most likely try a different strain…


Great update @bob31 and really nice photos.

After I saw you tri-pod and microscope set up I went searching for something to work in similar fashion with my iphone7. This makes the 3rd or 4th time I have been disappointed in my apple product. There is simply nothing I could find marketed for the iphone.

I do believe the next time I am due for an upgrade with verizon, it’s samsung galaxy for me!

Great Job Bro.


@bob31 here is a pic of the amnesia haze auto.
It is the same age as your blueberry autos to the day I believe.