This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


thanks guys!

I will get some and try it out @Majiktoker


Have you grown gorilla glue before @bob31? Will be watching and waiting for the smoke report on that little darling.


I use (or plan to use) clonex, I grabbed some up in my initial wish list.


first grow on the GG @Screwauger I have some from around here and it’s one of my favorites! Great daytime! I have HIGH Hopes!


Yeah I am trying to shoot for a tent full of something that is good clean out the garage stuff as opposed to oh, lets eat chips and watch four hours of golf. I am really trying to build a good list of strains that don’t necessarily have to grow to 6-9 feet to get me that sativa slanted type buzz. Sounds like GG is on the list.


Yeah, I can function well with it and it really helps me deal with those daytime aches and pains. I have to go easy on it though. A toke is all i need that is usually good for a couple hours

  • confirmed lightweight tho! I’m only just back using cannabis about 6 months ago…

@Countryboyjvd1971 has some growing now as well and rates it high! @Screwauger


I have a couple plants as well loved the smoke it was good, smelled good when being burned and smells good being grown, tasted great and had a strong almost immediate buzz


That’s a good point @Majiktoker it does smell good. Now that you mention it. It has a nice aroma!


I am a light smoker. Light smokers can medicate on less bud. I purposely keep it light. Small amounts on a timed regimen takes care of the PTSD and some of the pains. Too much just slows me down. :sunglasses:


yeah @OldStealth I’m with you on that. Too much of a good thing just isn’t good!


George Carlin said it many years ago. Don’t smoke pot when you’re high. You’re just wasting pot! :sunglasses:


He was a smart man! lol sage advice! hahaha @OldStealth


Well put @bob31


@bob31 hahaha you have your own little pharmaceutical tent going hahaha nice what the long vine thing it there I’m sure you mentioned it but bring up to speed please sir
And definitely give the vermiculite and perilite thing a go easy and effective :+1:
George was a genius imo @OldStealth
I saw him live many years ago back in the early 90s funny funny dude


@Rugar89 i just germinated one of my auto flower blueberry can’t wait to see how it will do ! I really want to follow this grow alsp


I katz. My BBA journal is here:.



Ok sis, I will tag you on the next post as well. If you scroll to the botton of any topic you will see a drop box on the left side under the Bookmark Box. Most times it will be set to NORMAL or TRACKING

Just set that to WATCHING and you will be notified of new posts. If it gets to be too much, go back to the topic and change it back to NORMAL


Nice setup bro love the grass


My wife and I had our daily wheatgrass shots today. It is really for her stomach, but i try to humor her. That was the second harvest yesterday. Last one off that round will be in about a week. We even give a little to the animals, just trim it over their food bowls and they don’t even know they’re eating it!


Thanks for the tip Bob! I didn’t realize that was clickable and you change the tracking of topics like that. Lol