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No need to sex them bob a clone from a female is a female also clones once rooted are adults and need to be treat as such FYI
@bob31 Try the 50/50 perilite and vermiculite mix that @Majiktoker told me to use it works great :+1:
She was started in that mix first time I tried it and will be my new cloning medium cheap and effective :+1:
When your ready to clone


@Countryboyjvd1971 that was my motto when finding new ways to clone cheap and effective and happened to be one of the best ways to root them


Well I tried the aerogarden that works but I’m not doing hydro so I figured it was to stressful going from one method to another? I tried soil with little success rate less then 25% :frowning:️ And your method @Majiktoker worked like a charm I only did it once but I’m very pleased with the results roots galore lol
And she took off once I put her in a bigger pot
As well majik I’m going to repot her again to a five or 25 gal pot ? What would you do brother if it where you shes outdoors now so ?


If it were me and she was growing outside 25 gallon pot for sure the more roots the better @Countryboyjvd1971


Thanks @Majiktoker will be done this weekend :+1:
Woohoo tag you when I do it bro


Sweet! Looking forward to it :thumbsup:


When I grew in my younger days I had a clone/veg room and a bloom room. I kept two mothers and my whole set up was based on the book from Ed Rosenthal. I cloned in perlite vermiculite and had great success. I would use a gel now but then I bought plain old rooting powder at the garden shop, diped and stuck in the mix under a dome with fluorescents. Sure I lost one here or there but a great method for sure.


I also used power should have mentioned that lol
:+1: @Screwauger


A little bit of cloning gel on the stalk rolled in rooting powder for an extra boost works great as well just a thought to through out thats how i do my clones


What cloning gel do you like @Majiktoker I also have the powder and super thrive for the foliar. I already have rapid rooters but i’m willing to try the perlite/ vermiculite.


##Grow Journal Update: 15 June 2017
##ILGM Gold Leaf & Two Blueberry Auto’s and a Surprise!
##Day 16 From Sprout on 31 May 2017
##Gorilla Glue Bean Dropped @ 7pm on Jun 15, 2017

Nothing too much to report today. I harvested the second round of wheatgrass! My wife and i have been making juice with the wheatgrass and apples, watermelon etc. Good Stuff. A little gamey,hahaha

Happy tent! Wheatgrass after her trim in lower right. BBA1 on left, GL in center and BBA2 on the right. The GL is kicking butt. She’s gonna be a good mama!

Oh look… Bob dropped another bean. What a beauty! I figured the Gold Leaf might be lonely so I got her a girlfriend, GiGi spelled GG a gorilla Glue bag seed! From a very good friend! Thanks JB! (If that’s even your real name, lol)

Right now GG is on top of the cable box checking out those summer temps!

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Thanks Guys for stopping by and checking out my grow!


Outa control @bob31 lol.


hahahaa @Jmesser80 I’m a nature lover! Especially the nature we can smoke!

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How big are those T5s your using? Are they just single bulbs?


I think they are like 21 or 22 inch. Yes, singles. The one over the girls is just a reg florescent t5. The one over the Aloe and wheatgrass is an LED t5 @Jmesser80


Another family member added.
I’m sure she will be happy in her new home


I usually use the clonex brand little black bottle I haven’t went wrong with it @bob31


Very nice Bob. Great update and photos. Thanks for the tag and keep them coming!!