This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


But I did screw up and forget about using the Mykos. :rage:


they should be ok without the mykos. I haven’t tried that but lots of the guys swear by it!


I don’t have mykos and my seed was having leaves in 3 days… I Just put her in water for 16h, 1 day in paper towels and after that directly in Jiffy.


What kind of conditions should the mother be kept in? Light cycle feeding cycle. Should I top her?


@Tdave1211 It depends. Are you going to just take clones from her and keep her a mother? Or are you gonna flower her and monster crop?

If you are just keeping her as a cloning mother then keep her in veg state with 18-14 hours of light and 6 - 10 hours of darkness (18/6 to 14/10) will keep her in veg and you can keep pulling clones off of her.

If you want to monster crop then 12/12 lights and at 21 days into flower you would take the monster clones. then you can flower her out and reap the harvest.

I’ve only read about monster cropping. Never done it.


Thanks man. That monster crop sounds pretty cool tho


I’m gonna do the monster crop with a gold leaf I’m growing right now. Ways to go before that!


Looking forward to that. I’ve read and seen a few grows doing this but can’t profess to know much about it as I have read so much lately. I am leaning toward gold leaf next run so interested all around.


When I’m ready to try it I will tag everyone! I’m gonna pull some regular clones off before she goes to flower for insurance purposes (plan B) Just in case! @Screwauger @Tdave1211


Nice bob I can’t wait to see the gold leaf monster crop
I have a monster cropped ssh right now outdoors she’s getting so bushy I’ll need to get a picture and post it for you @bob31 and good thinking on your vine clones lol good luck with them


For me too, Love to see that photo!!!


I’ll tag you as well @Screwauger when I post it


Great looking set up man!


Looking forward to the pics. Thinking about doing it myself.


I figured if nothing else it would be fun to give it a try and see what happens! @Countryboyjvd1971


Yeah I’ll probably keep her a mother and just always cut clones from her when I want to flower some of that strain. How many can I cut off and her still recover? What kind of constant conditions should I keep the mothers in? No need to top or prune right since I won’t be flowering her


Hey bob

That’s my monster cropped ssh clone she’s going nice transplanting her to a five gal pot this weekend


Wow man she’s a big girl! How tall is she and how wide? Goodness. @Countryboyjvd1971


She’s not that tall yet think the angle makes he r look bigger I just put her in the 3 gal maybe a week ago and she doubled in size but she’s about two feet maybe a bit taller not including the pot now and about 18 inches wide maybe a bit bigger
I topped her once and will put her into a five gallon pot since one opened up with the culling of katlin hahahaha thinking about acroging her as well lol
but not sure about that yet I like watching the grow tall :thinking:


Must be the angle. Bravo! So she’s a clone from the SSH Fem, right? So by all rights she should be a she too? Just wondering for future reference if there is a need to determine the sex of these like you would for reg seeds? @Countryboyjvd1971