This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


My Dad always referred to golf as “Cow Pasture Pool.”


Hey @bob31 how long do you keep your young ladies in the dome for?


Looking great bob :+1:
Can’t wait to see what your growing in there explode with buds lol


Thanks guys. They’re about out of the dome actually. Maybe today or tomorrow.

BTW Showing 98 on the thermo here, though the transmitter in getting a little direct sunlight. When I checked the tent a little while ago it was a refreshing 84 degrees. It is officially 95 from the NWS.

So @peachfuzz when I looked for all the parts for the swamp cooler, I was either gonna have to donate a cooler or buy the styrofoam liner online as it isn’t available around here. Snce we use all our coolers and after considering how often i’d have to rotate the gallon ice jugs…

I just decided to buy a small 5000 BTU window AC unit. It won’t need to run all that much to keep my 50 sq feet cool. I’m only looking for 79 degrees anyway. The local grocery store had a basic unit sitting at the register for $119- I’ve looked around and i haven’t found a better price. I will get it installed in a day or so and let everyone know how it’s going.

@Screwauger That’s a good one. Basically it is! lol

@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks John! It won’t be long and we will have a happy tent going here!


I know you will @bob31 just don’t do lol it with wheat grass lol :joy:


Quick question to anyone knowledgeable about cloning? I have a gold leaf fem I want to clone. I am going to monster crop / Flowering clone at about the 21 day mark as outlined here.

I’m just trying to clear a few thoughts that I have and others may too…

Take clones 21 days into flowering? After the 2 week transition, then 21 days?

From low down on the plant, like regular clones?

How many clones to take? I’d like to keep a mother and SCROG the two clones. So three and maybe a couple more for insurance?


Hey brother @Countryboyjvd1971 I challenge you to find anyone on the site that has more experience with wheatgrass seed spacing than I do! LMAO :cactus::seedling:

no wheatgrass emojis… im disappointed…


I see you know a lot about grass :wink:


That’s right it’s all grass! @Ragnar ! Maybe I should dry and cure some and see what she’s like!


##Grow Journal Update: 12 June 2017

##ILGM Gold Leaf & Two Blueberry Auto’s

##Day 13 From Sprout on 31 May 2017

They come out of the dome now. Gonna have to rig up a t5 or something.

I repurposeof part of the shelving out of my old mini greenhouse. And used it to support the t5 light for the now un-domed Cannabis plants.

Here they are for their closeup

And on Friday when I was doing yardwork I accidentally damaged a climatis vine that I’ve had for about 20 years.

About the top 18 inches got bent over. I noticed it yesterday so I tried flipping it back to unkink the vine but tonight when I looked at it was all wilted.

So now if we broke off a part of our Cannabis plants we would try and re-root them like clones.

So I did the same thing. I clipped the five lowest side branches and cleaned it up dipped it in a rooting agent and into rapid rooters I soaked in pH water. I put three each in cut off Gatorade bottles as I didn’t have anything else handy and that will work for now. I left a half inch of water in the bottom as its gonna be hot again tomorrow.


You are the foto guy when it comes to wheat grass seed placement brother for sure lmao :+1::cowboy_hat_face: John


That middle one is growing like a weed! :wink:


Thats the gold leaf. She is huge actually for her age. When I took the dome off today she was only an inch from hitting it! I’m gonna leave them under the T5 for another week, unless I see them starting to stretch. @Rugar89


Was hoping it was one of the Blueberries. Something to give me hope.
I will trade you two un-sprouted Blueberries, for that one Gold Leaf! :stuck_out_tongue:


Right! And the funny thing is, she’s making the two blueberry autos look bad, but they are actually right where they should be and doing extremely well. @Rugar89

Any sign of sprout on yours?


Not yet. But its only been 24hrs since they hit the dirt. As you know these beans are really tiny, and when I opened the napkin I used a magnifying glass and could just see the cracked shell and a spec of white showing on the end of shell. Looked like the tap root just starting to grow, so I’m sure it will be a few more days.
Probably should have been left in the napkin for another day, but it was just getting to hot on the cable box, and I was getting tired of baby sitting it to control the temp.


I hear ya. The smaller of the two BBA’s had a small tail and I decided to leave them both soak another 12 hours until the tail was bigger and it was. How deep did you plant them?


Maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2". Just made a small depression in the surface and pulled soil in from the sides to make a slight dome over them.


yep. My first grow I put the seed about an inch deep and it took awhile… hahaha


No biggy, I’ve waited this long already. Should see green by the weekend.