This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


I saw him live once. Laughed so hard we missed 1/2 the jokes!


Yeah my game was awful. @Capt_Seeweed @Screwauger im a little sore and stiff from all the chores I did Friday and Saturday and I didn’t play well at all. Oh well. Next week!


The game you love to hate…lol


Exactly! But we keep going back!


I really haven’t never been able to get into golf. Idk I shouldn’t knock it ,there was a time when I didn’t like girls😎


I was never a fan but a couple guys talked me into playing and I haven’t been the same since, lol @Nug-bug


I knowwhat you mean @bob31. I have never loved anything i hate so much. Man that game.


I’ve hit golf balls since I was 9 or 10. I played golf in HS and College and I loved it but nothing compares to a twilight men’s league where the score is not the object. The laughs, the beers, the doobs, the occasional good shot by someone…oh and the burgers in the clubhouse…priceless. Mind you, I am not opposed to calling off work, renting a cart and cruising the course all by my lonesome. I play better baked so I stay pretty lit out there.


Have never smoked and played. Going to have to try.


I started years ago when my sister gave me three rounds at a local course for my birthday…been playing since…
@Hunter00 playing stoned never worked for me…but my brother could smoke a whole joint and drink a tall coffee and just kill me on the course… miss playing with him…



I enjoy the excercise. I always walk nine and I have walked many 18’s as well.

I play with a group of about 7 guys and we do a bunch of charity tournament during the year too.

If it was just a game I would have quit a long time ago.

Unless you play I think that you don’t know that golf is also a game against ourselves. What we did this time and got a par was crappy compared to the week before but got bogie. I encourage and crap on the guys I play with but I’m always competing with myself if that makes sense


I ran a 5k this morning for a fund raiser in town. I am not a runner. Golf sounds way better!


I don’t run anymore… unless it’s raining. lol and even then more of a jog



oh darn, Im outta like! :grinning: :evergreen_tree: :+1: :v:



Yes got some lowryder going. It is a couple days old.


Leg problems have kept me from walking that past few years but I still love getting out there… not to mention the one shot or putt that brings me back again… :golfer:


A lovely walk in the park ruined by a little white ball. :sunglasses:


I knew I could count on you for a different perspective! @OldStealth



My group wouldn’t let me play with them. I was just a beginner, they all played for years. I could out drive them all. Shot 4 under par my first round. :yum::sunglasses: