This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


Absolutely @BIGE please do. My 3 are 11 days today.


Metal roofing is pretty easy to install and you can go right over the shingles. (I would probably strap it first) Easy Peasy


i started 5/21 with 2bb and 2 ak…only three came up…i have another bb started/up 5/30 it will just have to catch up! lol


I have a hole in the roof so it’s too late to do it easy. I’m not sure what I’m gonna find but I’ve gotta strip the whole roof and at least partially re sheath it. I’m hoping it’s just the one section but I have to go all the way down to be safe.


Nice setup Bob! I today was a happy day for me as well. My ILGM Lowryder beans arrived! My wife said, “Oh you got this today… from The Netherlands.” Then handed me a little brown envelope and walked away. Lol !!!


Nice. I hope your gonna journal the low Ryder’s? @GrowManFitz I think @Smokin_ernie is getting ready to grow those as well but those are a seriously stealthy outdoor plant!


I would Ice & water shield the whole roof before shingling. Well worth the money & won’t be expensive for the size roof .


Adding that to my list! Good call!


You know I will! I’m actually considering doing a side-by-side grow with 2 different light schedules… 18/6 and 14/10. I have a space that would be perfect for it. I would just need to put a divider panel in the middle… simple enough. :grin:


Sounds like a great experiment! Please tag me!


You have a lot of great stuff @bob31, good job man.


Thanks @M4ur it’s a great “hobby” isn’t it!


Great setting, my friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:,

You gone a grow BOM champs in there :wink::grinning:

Can’t wait to see those …

~Al :v: :innocent:


Good idea, please tag me too


Nice tent @bob31 , i don’tknow anythingabout growing indoors, i wouldn’treally like for you to tag me on this grow , I’m curiousaboutgrowing indoors since my growing season is short here in MA
Don’t enjoy your new tent too much, LOL



I see 3 screened vents for fresh air on the bottom walls of tent, similar to mine. Will you keep all these open, will you need a fan on outside to push air in? I’m also wondering how many fans you’ll have running in your tent with 3 lights and which direction you have them pointed. By the time you got your tent set up, the plants and grass put in, the flowers removed, I was as exhausted as you! Today’s Sunday, take it easy bob. Do you just keep trimming your wheat grass, let it grow like you would a lawn? I read up on the benefits and it does sound healthy. I can’t wait for more pictures of the growing family and how they respond to their new home. Will you need to run a heater or just keeping the vents open be warm enough?

P.S. For those who don’t know me, bob is my mentor. Took pity on me and has faithfully answered every stupid question A newbie 72 year old granny has ever asked.


You know what they say… The only stupid questions @Bobbi are the ones not asked.


Looks great @bob31. I will have to try.


@Bobbi good call. I went outside and played golf and my shoulders and lower back especially are sore from yesterday. So after golf and a few cold beers I decided to take your advice and I’m just relaxing. It just passed 90 here so I put the ac on low and I’m watching NASCAR on TV and relaxing!

I hung all three lights but it will be awhile before I need all three. Right now it’s just the two T5s are doing everything.

On the Wheatgrass they said to wait till it gets 5-7 inches tall and just cut it off about an inch high and it should come back three times. I just checked it and it’s already doubled in height since I cut it.

I shouldn’t need a heater for awhile @Bobbi but I have the small one if I need it. I’m more likely to need some cooling as I need to lower the temps. I’m actually looking at a swamp cooler that others here might like. I think I’ve come up with an idea that I should go out and patent but I’m just gonna share my idea here @peachfuzz got me thinking yesterday.

I’m gonna start laying it out in my next post!

Thanks for the nice words!


@bob31 I went out and played a quick 9 holes today… in the words of Rodney Dangerfield… I should have stayed home and played with m****f… :golfer: