This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


@bob31, looking forward to lurking and learning from what you and the other gurus do to make those awesome grows… You seem to be off to a great start


Looking great!!


You are a better man than I, Robert.


You indoor guys are always amazing me, it looks like something in racket ship going into orbit…
Looks great brother !


This fargin auto correct is killing me, I assure you I did go to school… Making me sound like I’m illiterate or I have already harvested and sampled some… Lol


Big league Bob with your new set up!
Can’t wait to see what magic you’ll be hashing in your grow house


haha I hear ya @Ragnar you inspired me though brother. I think one of the Blueberry Autos is going to do her thing outside! I’m gonna do one inside and one outside so I can do a side by side comparison!

And thanks all for your comments and encouragement!

@BobWags having the proper medicine and tools at the beginning make all the difference!


Yeah, put her outside in 5 or 7 gal pot on very sunny spot, you will see how happy she is :wink:, when in flower , you can move her under roof if its raining…
You will do great, I know it !!!


That looks like a lovely setup. No excuses now, eh?


again,great job @bob31… kick back and enjoy those sam adams,if any is left…lol


A day well spent. Looks like a great set up.


@bob31 what size is your carbon filter? Looks huge compared to my 4" but might be the picture. Looks like a much larger circumference I should say.


It’s a 6inch cartridge. It’s bigger than I need really but I should be moving it into a bigger tent this fall! @Screwauger


I have the same exact filter only the 4inch. I like that reversible flange, you can move it to the other end and make use of areas that get bypassed and still have active charcoal. Nice.


Thats why I bought it @Screwauger I figure thats $30 each way (on the 6 inch). Very economical in the long run!


hey bob,is that filter relatively light? it sounds like a good one!


It didn’t feel too light when i was hanging it! @BIGE 11 pounds according to Amazon. I’m happy with it, but thats the only one i ever had so i cant compare it!


I like you new tent and set up bob. Is your shed heated so you can use it in the winter time? And you do have your priorities right, home for the tent/girls inside, grill outside! LOL.


Hi @Bobbi that shed is not heated but the big shed next to it does have heat!

Next project is put a new roof on the big shed and then clean it out and insulate the floor ceiling and walls and move all the growing in there. Have to insulate it well so that it is easy to heat and cool.

But the roof is first. Gonna be a mess but it’s not gonna get done on its own.


i’ve heard the lighter the better… mine is heavy as heck,and does fine…lol
i have ilgm autos going now @bob31,maybe a few weeks ahead of yours…
i’ll tag you when i get a new journal going…