This Grow Journal Has It All! Big Car Chase - Explosions!


I know right. No more stalling… Lol

Frame up next is the cover!

Adding tags. Todays festivities starts on post #218

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@bob31… Gotta love having some toys… Good luck with grow bro!!


What size is your tent?? Looks like 3x3x6…


Lights hung… Sort of. They ratchet right up and down!

Hueston, we have ignition!

Then you saw it and now you don’t

Cardboard covering inside of windows for privacy


awesome @bob31!! got-r-done!!! lol


Woohoo @bob31
Now your playing with fire :fire:
Can’t wait to see what you can do with that tent
What are way sizes of those lights not including the new one haha


The other 2 are 300 watt generic they probably pull about 100 watts each so 400 watts for a 3x3 tent @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE

I have some more pics to post. I am about 90 percent done.

Still have to decide what I’m gonna do with the old setup. It would actually make a good nursery.

I have the old mini greenhouse, a clip on fan the heater/ fan and another 100/ 300 watt LED

Right now I’m just running the two T-5/s and no LED’s.

The exhaust fan is on low and passive intakes are open.


Happy Tent!

Bob is exhausted!


It is exacty, @Capt_Seeweed which is more than double what I had! I only have 7x7 floor space in the shed, so a 4x4 would have been too tight. I still have all my outdoor tools in there too. I still have a couple things sitting out in the yard I have to find a home for. One is my Brinkman BBQ smoker…


New toys are always awesome! @Zombo Ive got some girls that need some special loving, so this is for them, really… lol


@bob31, I love how you set up the tools, coffee to start day, then water to hydrate while working, a nice Sam Adams beer than a bowl, the tools are set up in progression…nice!


Sweet! Whats the temp running at under that dome?


@Rugar89 it was same as the outdoor temps about 82. I’m already looking for a 5000 BTU Window AC unit

I have the front dome vent open. they are out of the dome in a few days and then it’s game on!


@zombo it didn’t go in that order though, lol. I had a quickie at the start and a couple bottles of water, a little lunch another quick toke and a few more bottles of water. I’m pretty much sore head to toe as I also had a bunch of other outdoor chores I had to do like digging up, seperating and transplanting day lilies.I’m a little late doing them, but they had spread into the walkway at the front of the shed and the door hitting them was gonna kill them anyway. And I sprayed down some poison ivy and… the list keeps going… hahah you know how it is one job leads to another and another…


Attaboy!! Nice nice.


Wait…no swearing, sweat in the eyes, back pain, or scuffed knuckles from punching a wall in anger???


@bob31, I hear ya… The weekend is beer enough time I get things done… I work skating the week and when the weekend comes, I’m kind of done doing things… Lol. I need to work 2 days and have off 5


no, not too bad. I lucked out and had a beautiful day and my shed is shaded by a large maple tree, I will confess @BobWags My rotator cuffs are screaming… but no bloody knuckles or anything, lol


I meant to type never enough time and it auto corrected to beer… Good iphone, good iphone


yeah, I hear ya @zombo the nice thing when you retire, you get to pick your weekends anytime you want! lol I have been putting this together for 3 months, buying a little here and some there.

I have a huge project ahead of me and this is just the first phase.