This grow has been easy

Indoor grow started around Memorial weekend. Night nurse photoperiod and some bag seeds… soil, general hydro bytes led and level lites (just added uva) manifold and lst wish it was faster, but I will need to pick up my game if that’s gonna be. Waiting for harvest. Tricones cloudy but buds are growing.Uploading: 1B271B2D-9E74-4380-92CA-D2EA79A097A2.jpeg… Uploading: F89442AC-6557-4942-9D5F-9A12B4D751FD.jpeg… Uploading: 121E4C17-AD9A-4BDC-91F1-B39B3E5D0056.jpeg… Uploading: B11D79B8-3070-4988-851B-3286CE91012E.jpeg… Uploading: 512AE631-4C42-425E-8DD4-98D53F4AC8EC.jpeg… Uploading: 1B2E05B1-3809-4CDD-A735-626135B047CD.jpeg… Uploading: 93C95C3E-4946-407C-9B76-B94D1C1B0FB8.jpeg… Uploading: AF76126B-5197-47D4-9265-1F42A0F52DFB.jpeg… Uploading: 62354482-1060-4B9C-9F0C-E24AD0B16498.jpeg… Uploading: 15521E87-6E27-4FFA-8962-63341B1A2F14.jpeg…

Uploading: 8D17A23D-E49A-4B89-88B4-2CC53A8795EE.jpeg… Uploading: 3448E2D4-9956-4A75-80B4-E136855F41C4.jpeg… Uploading: 87A846FA-F866-427E-B2D7-BF8606ECA7AE.jpeg… Uploading: BAE3A592-D954-4C67-B638-CCB71B5113E7.jpeg… Uploading: 6ACC33F7-070D-4252-91AC-8877069FCDF7.jpeg… Uploading: 9D0EADB1-32C6-4CDC-81DE-A86E8A5EBD33.jpeg… Uploading: 88A4482B-0570-4095-9EB4-767116B8A0CD.jpeg… Uploading: 4C3227FC-8C17-40AA-B25F-7364922D1701.jpeg… Uploading: 48D6831E-C128-469B-8C49-EA2A910B048F.jpeg… Uploading: CDD997EA-20BF-4AE8-A76F-FF505FA47D0E.jpeg… Uploading: D8635DCB-3751-4BA4-8D90-C09F7BC0B94A.jpeg… Uploading: 8DE32A97-2313-4003-8B6C-3BA882659BD5.jpeg… Uploading: D05EC462-E7A7-4B32-A080-384084938B8D.jpeg… Uploading: 3DF67E22-F983-4A17-9544-60B00D40A010.jpeg…


Congrats on the easy grow, it’s always nice when you get one in that doesn’t fight ya that much. I see a lot of your pics didn’t go thru. Trying waiting a little bit after pic gets done downloading - you’ll see the arrow disappear and reappear. Congrats again and nice meeting you! See if you can get some full shots loaded.

I second the LoCo Gato above me. Try to upload only a couple at a time and let the % meter get to 100 before typing or trying to add another.

And remember. A boring grow is a good grow


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Great work. You’ve got a ways to go. Don’t curse it.

I guess she got it now!! LoL 25 pics later… nicely done @Budbabe

And btw nice touch with the lace and pink sheets, it definitely adds something I’ve not seen before in a grow room! Go figure - we all call them our girls why not make them feel pretty! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They do have a while before the finish, but we’ll get to it when the trichomes tell us to. I just looked up and realized I needed to get the little girls rollin. Picked up a couple clones GSC & WW and CD91.
Yes the lace curtains are cosmetic only. I put panda paper up now. Still have the curtains up for now. Instead of a tent I converted an old gazebo and used bed rails to make it sturdier. It’s about 10x4 (gazebo curves). Another -brainiac moment was the dehumidifier I bought. Small and compact and quiet but need to empty it too often. Should’ve gotten a bigger one. Sometimes a typical female problem is not taking seriously what I hear. I smile and nod but since a lot of what I hear is… ? Anyway I added a tanning bed and run it 2x daily. Never too much light.
So… what was the lesson to be learned from your last grow? Mine was total darkness means just that. I hermied a couple plants before I understood but hey I can learn . Wbu? And your best strategy ?

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Your gonna do great , you seem like a real DIY’r. Way to use that nog’n - you can’t run the hose option for the dehumidifier to empty? Did I see a hanging basket filled with pruned leaves if so keep that old plant matter outta the room! Me - oh I’ve hermie’d a plant before, very sad. Not as sad as mites. My wife had to console me for a day. " All that hard work - you little fukr’s ruined my life, I hate you, I’m Gonna quit growing." LMAO so many mistakea that I hopefully won’t make again…lol live n learn

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I learnd… never too much light, patience!, and smoking ur own homegrown is one of the best highs available :laughing::+1:t5: