This butain good?

I have access to this product which contains isobutane and propane. Nothing else. Wondering if it’s a good product. The only thing is that it gas a counter sink nozzle part.

dont know if there is such a thing as good/bad butane.

please be careful.

Why in the world would you want something like that ?
Thats an accident just waiting to happend.
Please dont use it just for your safety.


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Don’t use that. That’s an awful idea.

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pure butane is the only thing to be used in making oil in this fashion …propane will have an additive and so will most but not all butanes . it is put their so it can be smelt in the air in case of leaking …it will concentrate this in your oil … THAT SAID DONT DO IT .THE QUESTION S YOU ASK SAYS YOU DONT HAVE ADEQUATE KNOWLEGDE IN THIS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AREA … Not trying to hurt your feelings . every part is highly dangerous … in the cold zones you have static electricity .in the air ,your cloths ,all that has to happen is for you to reach out and touch something and zapp a little spark AND PPPHHHUUUUFFFFFFFFF your self immolated… IT’ takes onley one boo boo … be it you or your helper… peace not tying to bring ya down … just keep ya from being BURNED … Hammer


Hey @hammer, while you’re on the subject, do you know how to make oil with butane? I’ve always wanted to learn. Not necessarily to actually make it, but I just like learning things haha

mmmmm yes but these days id use very cold denatured alcohol and a rice cooker… here’s a bufo device i made … essentially you take a tubular item with filters on one end ,place ur material into it , and inject butane into the other end and catch the liquid in a Pyrex dish . and let it evap… it works by dissolving the essential oils while leaving the tar and chlorophyll . BUT theres a lot to go wrong . ever see a cig lighter thrown in a burn barrel ??? that’s 2 teaspoons at most … multiply the effect with a PINT OR A QUART of liquid . In using pure butane YOU Cant smell it … the fumes can soak into your clothes …static elect from your clothes , keys, in winter the dry air out side is charged … when I was BEINGING STUPID and doing this sort of thing .i used to Ground Wire MYSELF the Container and HOLDER and the catch pan … this stuff boils up big time at 60 degrees F… YOU TUBE HAS ALOT ON IT . the good and the bad… EXTREMLY DANGEROUS


Go to this link. He will show you how easy it is to make some potent oil . The safe way


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just went there good read but it can be refined …weed world issue 115 . ran a complete article on using ever clear or pure ethanol .they sieve the mj till its fine place in mason jars place alcohol and jars in freezer over nite then working quickly they add the ingredients to gether shake for a couple minutes then strain thru cheese cloth then re rinse a second time then strain thru coffee filters … then they use a rice cooker the boil it down … this is only the context of a article i read. It is NO WAY a complete how to instruction … for that read the article or pm me and ill copy it on to the puter and forward it to you … i only mention it because it utilizes using very cold temps so it slows the solventting of the tar and chlorophyll. and still rinses the essential oils off …


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