This a Hermaphrodite?

I noticed the start of this on my Original Glue a week ago. I got back from a trip today to see this. I assume this is a hermaphrodite? If so, is it all ruined?

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Those purple petals look suspect, can you get a close up of that with the arrow

Sorry dude, it sucks, i know, some of mine back in the back hermed and seeded almost everything.

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If she is youll know for sure in a day or 2 when she throws nanners. I just found one of mine hermin… and she’s in the back of the tent so I’m pretty sure I’m missing some of the nanners… oh boi…


So should I cut it down? Does that mean the rest of my crop is going to seed?

I done see any male parts
And even if there was it may not effect the plant. Hermed parts are sometimes sterile.
The idea of trashing a plant at the first sign of a hermie is a bit of an over reaction. Even pollinated the plant wont be totally ruined. I have seen seeds in dispensary weed buds that are just fine.
Anyway I dont think you have a herm at this point. Just some fat calyx’s on that cola.

They appear to be on most of the buds. My biggest concern is that I can’t isolate the rest since they are outside. Will it be really noticeable if the others start to seed? If they do should I leave them or take them early?

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All I see are pistils. Some are still curled up in the flower but they will straighten out.
I have had a few grow bananas but never hurt my harvest.

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No all the purple spots r purple looking nanners one is yellowish and appears to be opening if not opened

A hair to left of where the arrow points looks like an open nanner

All the circled looks nanner to me

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Yah thats nanners and it looks like its already opened up

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