Thirsty plants or to small of pot

I have transplanted from cup to 6" pots, it’s been 2 weeks, but since last watering yesterday and three days prior, today plants moist and will need to be watered at end of the day. What should I do? I was thinking transplanting to a 8"pot

Bergman says “You have to transplant your plants after a number of weeks. They can now go to the pot you’ll also let them flower in.” I did this and it worked. I went from 6" to 5 gallon and 7.5 gallon. I like the 7.5 gallon because the plants produced more. Don’t just keep re-potting them a couple of sizes up because every time you do you stress the plant. Timing is important too. Bergman says, "

1 Wait until roots grow out the bottom of the pot
2 Make sure your soil is moist
3 Squeeze the pot a couple of times, so the soil doesn’t stick to the edge
4 Grab the pot from above, with the plant between your fingers
5 Turn the pot and carefully remove this from the roots
6 The new pot should have soil in it and then just carefully place the plant in the pot and add more soil.

I personally always plant deep (about halfway from base of stem to the insignificant set of leaves (the very first set when it popped out of the soil)


There’s this chart that shows when to transplant and it’s about every 3 to 6 weeks but I rather not keep moving them around they are growing at a good pace and healthy. Thanks!