Thirsty plants help


This is my second week from transplanting from the cup and they are need to be watered every third day done need to put in a bigger pot or stick it out one more week and transfer plant then ?


Drinking that much just says temps are some what high, and evaporation pressure is high.
Noted low evaporation pressure means they will drink slower, IE; a moist humid climate. High evaporationpressure means they will drink faster, IE; a hot dry climate.


That explains it ,thanks


My pleasure, good luck I’ll be around if you need the help


I have a question not the same topic but I have some soil that’s from pennington pot soil and a half bag of ocean forest would it be smart to mix or not ?


I wouldn’t advise mixing for seedlings once they get to 7-9 leaf nodes it should be perfect out the ocean forest soil in the bottom 1/3 of the planter


1/3 ocean on bottom of pot ,top off with pennington say for a plant with a total of 5 nodes?


Yes, however take into consideration, even though the 5th leaf node is considered vegitative stage, keep an eye on it for the first couple weeks and close moderation. Ocean forest is Strong soil


I sure appreciate it . Have a good day


Thanks you as well my friend happy growings, and my pleasure


Happy growing, my first grow


Best of luck can’t wait to see your progress, if your new to ilgm, id like to welcome you here to our wonderful community, hope you like it here, you’ll find lots of information


I like it here very much thanks


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@majiktoker ok now what do I do, I wanted to make blue pots my mother’s. The other three are autos all planted at the same time sprout dates are the same lol


Ignore bottom pot


Let autos go natural


Shouldn’t the autos be placed in their final pot?