Third year and this time I am staying home for the grow

Hey all. I am back again for a third grow. This time is going to be outdoors and in soil. I am growing three strains this summer. It is the “Baker’s Mix” from here @ ILGM (Wedding Cake, Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookie). I am starting all 15 of them and will grow one of each in my yard and let all the others go to friends. I love sharing the wealth.

Today they went into soil.


Just a few particulars. So far all of my grows have been outdoors but the first two I didn’t stay home while they were growing. This year the plan is to stay the summer and travel the winter. When you’re retired like me you just got to go out and enjoy life.

As I said the seeds are bought here
Wedding Cake
Cherry Pie
Girl Scout Cookie.

The current lighting schedule is 2 hours on 2 hours off daily.


Whats up with only 2 hours of light?? I can see now no loght but a regular light til they break soil but 118 6 or 24 hrs loght would be best for the first 2 weeks atleast. How long are u vegging these plants before u go outside with them.


about 2 and a half months before they can safely even look outside here. I want them to grow slowly to start. Just build root structure. It will not stay like that. This is just until I see some poking up above the dirt.

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Planted on Sunday afternoon. First two have broken surface. It shouldn’t be long to see them all pop. I have been reading about these three strains. I might not have a good grow due to my not quite so moderate weather. The two that are peeking up are Cherry Pie. I hope I get a decent summer. I might add some autos later in the grow.

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Good luck w your grow Sir, right now it seems like spring will never come since we’re in the depths of winter. Good idea on staying home in summer and traveling during winter :grin:
Outdoor grows seem much more challenging due to uncontrollable factors. You did pretty well last year if I remember correctly, in spite of some set backs.
Enjoy! :v:

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Thanks @Mote you are absolutely right. Spring seems so far away at this time. Right now the girls are on a 8/4 schedule. I stopped updating this journal as it just seemed I should just keep on with my second journal. It is located here A second time grow here and psyched - #85 by AfgVet. I hope I will do okay with this. I have plenty of time for a restart if things do go awry.


Personally I find your schedule is very intriguing, donst see why it shouldnt work out for you. There’s always a wild card w these plants but what you’re doing may prove very helpful to the community in general. The veg (not the juvenile/just hatched) stage can be very forgiving. You may have just come across something that may be a huge leg up on the outdoor scene, for us Non-Californians :grin:

Look forward to watching your girls grow :+1: :beers:

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I agree with your words about them being very forgiving but they are also very finicky too. I hadn’t planned that first grow to do that but it was I think instrumental with the yield I got. Even on a difficult to grow plant in our climate the Maui did better with the leg up. I am debating on this one. I have a couple of dispensary weed seeds (seeds from a bud bought at the dispensary). I am wondering if I should try to grow them (2 different strains and one each seed). I don’t know if they are auto or photo either but the weed was really potent. I think I will wait to decide but they are intriguing one is a Black Momba and the other is a Purple Sunset. What are your thoughts?

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They’re always finicky, one way or another :grin: Along w that statement There’s always something new to learn from these plants which is cool.

My 2c…I usually bite off more than I can chew, bad habit but sometimes it pays off.

If they (the pot from dispensary) were good smoke and worked for you I would definitely drop em and possibly clone the heck out of em. Its just a good precautionary measure I’ve gotten used to.

Kind of irrelevant if the seeds came from autos or photos, you’ll probably wind up w regs so (I would think :thinking:), potentially some dudes could come into play. But you may get lucky and get some gals, stranger things have happened!
Are you strictly outdoors or can you flower some indoors, just curious. :v:

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Outdoors. I do have a thought about an indoor grow sometime. I have an interest in a Top feed Deep Water Culture. I read through this guide I think I could really enjoy making a bonsai looking plant. I would have to get a new grow light though.
I have almost everything else.

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I’m pretty sure you would enjoy the Bonsai action, especially indoors though not ruling out the outdoor possibilities. I do remember seeing what was tantamount to a Bonsai “looking” Cola in the old high times magazine and always wondered how they did that.
What size tent are you in, there’s an infinite types of lights to suit everyone these days, a great investment in general.

Interesting and intriguing article, makes sense! I just dislike messing w water :grin:

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I have a 4x4x8 grow tent. The one these are in is 2x2x4 just big enough to start them

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Yeah!!! 4x4s rock, you can do a lot in that footprint. 2x2 is ideal for how you’re using it.
You could build your own light for the 4x, probably get a better footprint than stock units.

You doing the Momba Sunset dance yet :grin:

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I will decide if I get these girls to the sunshine. I think I would love to try an Acapulco Gold or the Maui in the tent. Yes I was thinking the same but as I said I don’t have an indoor grow in mind yet. I currently don’t have the room. I have a very full house at the moment. Long story but my wife is Buddhist and her temple is looking for a home and a new teacher so she moved it to our basement with my approval of course.

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I’m down w the Dharma brother so :+1: :v: Oddly enough what you grew last year is at the top of the list for the next drop in Maui, been wanting to try her out since 84, when it was just a mythological wonder.

Have been pondering your approach & timing in the legs up aspect of your grow which i think is a Big Plus! There’s no denying the benefits, by the time you put em out they’ll have their sea legs and then some.

I had initially decided not to grow this summer and take a break as opposed to you deciding to stay home this summer. Got to thinking about that and figured I do not intend to do much traveling this summer so, might reconsider that stance. at which point Maui is at the top of that list :smiley: Ditto Acapulco Gold, thats got the second slot for sure, been itching to try her for just as long. We heard of it back in the 80s but I doubt we ever truly came across it but…maybe!? Have you secured seeds of Acapulco and if so what seed bank did you go with?

I’m just thinking out loud so, bear w me :slightly_smiling_face:. If space (and other circumstances) allows, you could fold up the 2x and use the 4x for getting the recent drop ready for their outdoor outing…and keep whatever strains and or clones going… Indoors! for a controlled grow. Then flowering them if you so choose to do so.
The one caveat to that scenario is you’ll need a light to flower them gals, that’s a given. If odor is an issue (which I doubt a Buddhist would find it so :grin:) then add an inline fan and carbon filter, which are good in and of themselves…scrubs the air. Ween Ween as they say :partying_face: :sunglasses: :rocket:

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Long post and a few questions to answer. I have had Maui and Acapulco gold when I was a teenager too back in the 70’s. I almost got someone to buy Acapulco Gold seeds when I had a couple of friends in Amsterdam. They had cold feet about buying them and sending or carrying them to me here. Oh well if the shoes were on the reverse I would have done it for them in a nanosecond. I wish I had known that we would eventually be able to grow pot here because I was in Amsterdam in 2004 on my way back to Iraq. I could have bought the seeds and mailed them then but… Oh well again.

As for the Maui on the outdoor grow, it did have a nice yield but I don’t think they reached their highest THC potential. If you do grow a Maui outside she can handle some cold temperatures but will slow dramatically when the get really cold.

On the tent. Nope not another inch of space is available and that is okay with me. I have everything I need except the lighting that would be best suited for the bigger tent.