Third week of pre flower on a 10/14 L/D schedule

Hey everyone so this is my girl going into week three of flowering. I have used fox farm soil with dyna grow nutrients through the entire vegetation faze and then converted over to the fox farm trio for flowering. She seems to be doing real well however still no smell :thinking::thinking::thinking: anyway tell me what you guys think I love reading comments and opinions

Take your fingers and rub the stem right below the buds and then smell them you’re at about when they start developing wait 2 more weeks before they become way more apparent

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Looks good U still have a few. Weeks before U get smell

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Nice job
I’m personally surprised that you don’t have smell

Mine looks similar and definitely has a scent
Not what I’d describe as typical weed but almost like juniper berries if you ever smelled those

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Just did that. The sugar leaves are certainly tacky and my fingers smelled a little sweet

I’m surprised too honestly lol. Smells more earthy than anything else

Mmmm weed it should get some smell soon I hope :scream:

Ima make a cologne from mine

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