Third times a charm share

No problem. When replying I don’t want to assume to much while also not being insulting. Given the Wilma system I figured you have looked into things in more depth than some.
Take care and good luck. Quite a few around here use super soils and one somewhere in your corner of the world is @Aussie_autos


I’m into my 3rd week from seed useing autos, I started this grow for my first time in their forever homes, I’m useing 5 gallon and 3 gallon mesh pots, I believe they are looking great(just posted pics to my post earlier this morning if ya wanna see) I’m a new grower and definitely haven’t earned the right to give advice, but after reading about autos I feel like it was in my best interest not to try the solo cup experience, so far so good, I learned a lot from my first indoor grow on over watering the hard way, and over lighting, with that said, so far my plants look healthy and I didn’t burn them yet😂

Good luck with your grow😀 they look great

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Gday i grow autos all the time and i have very good success and this is how i do it ,now for starters i use coco coir canna professional coco coir is the best now i mix in about half a bucket of prime worm castings to a bag of coco coir sometimes i will add a full bucket ,then i add volcanic rock dust fertilizer i normally use about six scoops of volcanic rock dust fertilizer i mix it all through and then i add a bucket and half of perlite i mix it all properly i fill my containers and then plant my seedlings in there pots and then i use a 100% organic powdered nutrients from anarchy nutrients there base nutrients you have mix it ,it makes two ltrs of A and two ltrs of B , anarchy nutrients used to be nimbin nutrients Australia they changed there name .so all i do is follow there feeding schedule and i end up with big beautiful plants and rock hard buds .check me out on IG

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@Aussie_autos dont find you.

Aussie_autos76 is my IG

I already follow you …lol

@beardless thanks mate! And wow those are some real nice looking plants, would love to see the final stages when they are near through, do you have a journal going? And yes ive done a little bit of research before i started my journey though have yet to complete a grow(novice hiccups ), this forum is great though and i feel like a sponge soaking up all the experienced growers information and storys like yourself.

@Mjm697 hey! Good luck with your journey aswell, would really love to follow another new growers experience. Mine although are not auto i thought i would give starting in final pots a go and “try” be a bit more controlled in my watering haha, my first two attempts failed due to poor conditions abd over watering but learnt alot.great to speak to another fello newbie.

@Aussie_autos awsome mate that definitely sounds like another way i should try if the supersoil is a bust. I keep hearing similar methods result in great success. Have you heard of dr greenthumb? And if so what are your thoughts on his products? Only asking as your a fello ozzy and have most probably heard of him. Ill make a point to check out your ig, and im thankful you have taking time to share your method with me :metal:

Ive never used dr greenthumb nutrients but i can recommend using anarchy nutrients its a Australian product and it works really well ,look me up on IG aussie _autos76 go have a look at my page and see the videos on my plants

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Will have to check out anarchy, all for supporting local. And i will have a look at your ig aswell :metal:

My current journal is Afghan to close 2022
The one before this one is GDP to start the new year


Hey everyone, so day 5. Out of 6, 2 northern lights have poped, 2 grand daddy purples, and one northern lights is a bit shy and does not want to full pop ( thinking the tap root may have died off). And one gdp did not pop at all so i removed and topped the rest with the remaining soil as was a bit low leaving dead space @beardless kindly suggested :metal: domes are removed on all except the shy one and tent rh is 70% constant. So far so good, thought id drop one novices update.

Thoughts on leaving domes on or off?

domes on. I like to leave them on until they are a little more developed.


Day 13 :metal:

Thinking they are looking right for this age?

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Except for the little guy, thought he was a goner but there is life yet in him

Alright so hitting a issue, two of the biggest seedlings have started to get minimal tip discolouration on a single set of leaves. Am i right in guessing thats needing calmag as im filtering my water. Any experienced growers opinion would be appreciated from this novice.

Hope photos show what i mean, very early but still noticable and worrying. Cheers guys n gals.

Lights are currently 200-250ppfd at plant height from leds stationed at top of tent, 70-80% humidity. Has a really hot day here today and was at work so couldnt adjust temperature( waiting on ink controller for ac to kick in if it gets to hot and fans/inline not doing the job)