Third time Outdoor Grow Texas Hill Country - This time Durban Poison

originally transplanted into Happy Frog soil on March 11, 2023, followed up by the ILGM fertilizer packs… A little early to transplant the seedlings, but I was leaving town. I transplanted 2 plants, but the critters got one.

The grow spot is in the Texas Hill Country and is remote, but has drip irrigation.

I have had issues with bud rot on my 2 previous grow with Amnesia Haze and Blue Dream autoflowers. I would like opinions on the last pictures if this is bud rot again or not.


This was supposed to be a timeline, but the pictures downloaded in the wrong order

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So what stage are they in today? I’ve got a few Durban crosses going so I’m gonna tag along.

At 1st glance i thought bud rot but looking at it blown up it looks like just some dried up crusty leafs id try removing said dried crispy leafs and go from there if those type of leafs are left they can cause bud rot

The “Bud” pictures are 13 weeks after seedling transplant. The youngest pics were 3 weeks in.

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Thanks so much. I will get the tweezers out.

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Just be prepared if it is rot to remove it carefully so it dont spread you can remove just those buds if it isnt all over the plant already

14.5 weeks after transplant. I think I had a little Nute burn, but have flushed it out now.

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I’m curious if your 3rd effort met expectations? Looks good to this point to me but I am brand new to this and chime in here because we are regional neighbors, certainly we share the climate and a third attempt makes you a local pro in my book. I’ve grown some healthy plants from bag seeds in my garden the past couple of years but those projects were destroyed by the heat, first me and then the plants. So the plan for 2024 is beat the heat with autoflowers. Seems you’ve successfully used that strategy. I’m encouraged-going to give Runtz auto a go, it was on my wish list but unavailable on my last trip to a dispensary in a far off land. It’ll be Durban next time if I screw this up.

Another not so new plan posted from folks from the south was to try to squeeze in a fall autoflower harvest since temps were favorable well into November. I read a lot of encouraging words to give it a try but that is where most of the posts ended, no success stories. Now that I have ILGM seeds in hand and have spewed an adequate wad of cash on supplies, I am willing to sacrifice a seed or two if there is hope but hate to waste premium project supplies on a lost cause. Wondered if you made any fall attempts.

Unfortunately, my 3rd grow (Durban Poison) that had really flowered well and was looking good succumbed to Bud Rot. I have tried a couple new plants, but the excecessive heat in Texas this summer has stymied all growth. I have 2 seeds left, and I am going to germinate and try to grow them for a late fall outdoor grow.

That’s got to hurt. In the spirit of continuing education, I’ll give the fall outdoor grow a try as well. Intuitively one would think that light duration becomes the new limiting factor on production (as opposed to temperature) but, honestly, I’d consider a half ounce cause for celebration.

Thanks for your post and good luck with your fall grow. Hope to report success along with you.