Third grow, third soil, and new tricks! Let's goooooo!

Sure, chop away.

Wedding Cakes are 6w6d with probably another 2-3weeks left before harvest. NOT happy with the amount of trichs so this might become gummies.

Purple Lemonade was pulled and in the dark for 3ish days. No flushing or two weeks of straight water. 1 day in the drying tent. Only 7.5 oz wet…I don’t think autos are for me lol.

The Runtz X2 and Huckleberry are 2 weeks tomorrow.


Autos are 52d into flower and only RO water until harvest, and the photos are 17 days into flower and underwent a heavy defol. Switched Jack’s ratio to 4-2-1 because the ladies were looking a bit pale. I’ll continue to feed that until I see any issues.

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I’m having some issues with getting humidity down. I have a central a/c humidifier, a large free standing one just outside the tent, and a mini vivosun hanging inside the tent. I do have filtered air intake, 2 lower fans, and 2 canopy fans running at all times. I fear bud rot!

It’s the 4x4 tent and this is during lights out, but I just flipped the other tent and I’m having the same humidity issues.

What other solutions are there? CO2 bags?

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Also, if I’m getting ready for harvest and giving straight RO water, do I need to add Cal mag?

Co2 bags will do nothing.
Lights out humidity always spikes, and 60% is pretty good. As long as you are maintaining desired RH with lights on, and maintaining good air flow during lights out, you should be fine.


I feel same as Covertgrower.

Here are temps with lights on for 3 hours:

In flower I strive for anything under 50% RH. 40% or less is better.

Yeah, That’s what I’m worried about. I cant get down to that range.

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Nice! Very cool hack!

No, I generally stop giving calmag at 5 or 6 weeks into flowering.

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Went away for a couple days but everything looks effing great!

Wedding cake autos have another week or three.

Runtz photos looking good

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