Third grow since October 2020

I would like to introduce you to my girls. They are zkittles auto from ILGM. They are 9 weeks old and everyday I hold my breath because they are a little bigger and a little frostier.

I love growing. Marijuana helps just by being around it. It has a calming effect with each step of getting it to produce its full potential.
This grow I’m using foop instead of fox farms. What a difference! I’m sold on this stuff!
This is my 5th and 6th plant that I’m growing. The first was a White Widow auto from ILGM. For my first time it nerve wracking and amazing. I kept asking “what am I going to smoke? A bunch of cockleburrs? My tent was to small, my light was crappy, the house stunk and I’m trying to figure out ph’s and eq’s and OMG! My leaves aren’t looking good! What did I do wrong? What’s the next step? SHIT! To make matters worse, it wasn’t maturing at the same rate. It turns out it was a SCROG that was harvested 2 diifernt times. After trimming, I ended up with 3 jars and a bag of sugar leaves (which I’m smoking and enjoying right now as I wait for the current grow). Total harvest of that batch was 3 ounces of pure happiness with another 41/2 ounces from the second.
Total time: 107+ days

2nd grow later.
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Welcome (back) to the forum.

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These are photos of my current grow of zkittles auto from ILGM at 9 1/2 weeks. If you can, zoom in on all that goodness on the leaves.

Grow number 2: a WW auto, GL auto (ILGM) and a GG photo share a room.

During and since my first grow I upgraded to an AC Infinity Cloudlab 3x3 tent with air filter system and 2 mars-hydro ts2000 lights. My growing medium was ff of as well as my nutes.
I’d recently bought some Gold Leaf from ILGM and I still had some White Widow from ILGM and decided on another grow. Some how I got a hold of a gorilla glue photoperiod seed and there begins our journey.
First: autos and photos are not the same.
Second: no two strains are the same.
Third: no two plants are the same. (I learned this on my current grow.)
Let’s say I learned a lot including gold leaf is very nice and I’d like to spend more time to growing it, white widow is a good strain and doesn’t let you down and autos and photos are not the same. I tried, but my expectations were smashed because I was afraid to smoke it. I do have a bag of sugar leaves from it just as soon as I finish my WW sugar leaves.
GL produced 3 1/2 ounces that makes me want to SCROG it while WW gave me 5 and GG showed up in there too.

Forgot to mention that grow time was 120 days


Growing can be quite the roller-coaster til ya find what ya like. So many choices out there now :upside_down_face: set ta watch, have fun

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Very nice buds